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In this day and age, do online parties also make for good excuses when informing your boss the morning after about why you are late in the job?

Asked by rebbel (35369points) January 23rd, 2012
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Your boss can somtimes be reasonable when you tell him/her that the night before turned out to have gotten a bit much late.
He/she probably can relate as he/she experiences those events him-/herself every now and then.
But would you think that your boss is as reasonable when you tell him/her that you were late in the job because the online party got a bit out of hand (read: you didn’t go to bed soon enough)?

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Nope, that wouldn’t pass muster with me. Unless it’s an event like yesterday’s football game, being late because of a party generally doesn’t work anyway.

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I apologize, sir, I was up until like 3 in the morning GAing people. It was nuts…...

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<—————Self employed. My boss is a slave driver. He’d never understand.

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Unfortunately, if the party wasn’t work related my boss would be playing ‘My Heart Bleeds For You’ on the worlds smallest, loudest trumpet he could find…in my ear.

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Hahaha…..I don’t think so. Rebbel, you’re slipping, dude! C’mon….ramp it up! lol ;-D

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In the real world your boss wouldn’t be understanding if you were late for a real physical party and you were having sex with several people. Unless one of those people was your bosses, boss.
@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Show the bastard you mean business and quit. He can’t treat you this way.
@blackberry, Now thats a different reason. Surely you would be given a pass for that. LOL

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A rule of thumb on calling out or a reason you are in late is to not give grand details.
It really doesn’t matter because it is an excuse.
No matter what kind of relationship you think you have with you boss, remember, it’ your boss. This is the person that makes decisions about hire/fire/promotion/pay. Stay professional.

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I would never expect an employer to take an actual party as a reasonable excuse for being late, so… no.

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HAhaha Yeah I have to say seriously I woud first never expect any boss to actually even take the time to listen to such a excuse, nor would I bother using that excuse. My answer is also , no.

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Bahaha! I dare you to try that one on your boss and report back to us ;)

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<< My boss would allow it. ;)

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Oh, @rebbel , should I have not brought the keg of rum? Seemed so appropriate for a pirate’s party. Hey, wait a minute…isn’t your boss the head pirate? Wouldn’t s/he be understanding of that? I thought you pirates were an easygoing bunch….. Hmmmmm.

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This would never work in my case. In fact this would be one of the last reasons why I would tell a boss that I’m late.

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Yes, “online party” is a perfectly acceptable excuse for anything. Time after time your boss will unquestionably support this understandable and unavoidable situation. Let’s consult the checklist:
– late for shift at Kwick-E-Mart (online party)
– failure to apprehend dangerous suspect (online party)
– lost donated heart for transplant (online party)
– missed deadline for billion dollar government contract (online party)
– critical field goal… wide left (On. Line. Mo. Fo. Party.)

Consider yourself covered.

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Have fun trying to use that excuse. Your boss will likely call you a scurvy cur and make you walk the plank… after he drinks all your rum in front of you, which would be the most painful part of the punishment.

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I’d like to hear him say “scurvy cur” five times fast after he’s drunk all the rum…

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“Scurvy cur! Scurvy cur! Thcurvy cur! Thurvs curry! Thurvascur!”

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