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Has anyone ever experienced a time shift?

Asked by chelle21689 (7770points) January 27th, 2012
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I have no idea what to call it so I’ll just call it a time shift and it only happened twice in my life.

7 years ago when I was talking to my then-boyfriend on the phone, we realized it was time to go to bed as we looked at the clock. It wasn’t the time of day light savings or anything like that where the clock should be changed. We got off the phone and a couple minutes later he called me as I was about to call him and realized the hours on both our clocks weren’t the time we saw. It was a couple hours earlier…so we had time to talk and our clocks were the same.

It happened a second time, we had a fire drill when we were in high school. As we walked back inside (it was a very short path of a hallway not more than 15 feet) and it was very crowded and noisy…as we approached the door of our classroom, the teacher yelled “Get back in here!” and we looked around both confused and startled to realize that the hallway was completely empty and everyone has been in their seats for several minutes. We looked at each other confused.

I can’t say it’s a mind of “forgetfulness” or me having a great time and losing track of time…because I KNOW what it feels like..and those two experience I have never felt again. My ex bf even said it was very odd and never experienced it again either. Again, I know it’s not “Wow it’s 10pm already?” type of thing. It was very different..very.

What is this called? Has this experience ever been reported on the internet? Just wondering. Hopefully I’m not crazy.

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Weird! I have never had anything remotely like this happen to me. Sounds like the Twilight Zone.

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Not as you describe it. I have had periods in my life when everything seemed to be happening in super slow motion.

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is this some type of quantum physics? lol

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I have a girlfriend who at the time lived on Guam she had a similar situation where one min she was driving home and she knew the time , than suddenly she was back where she had started but it was hours later. This has bothered her for years she honestly believes she had been abducted by aliens. Personally I have never experienced such an incident so I do not know what to think. But I know her .

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I had something like this once. My sister and I experienced it. It was maybe 2PM, and we were just around the house, and then we noticed that things turned a bit orange (as sometimes occurs), like it was a sunset. We checked the clocks and it was 7:30PM already. Neither of us was doing anything that would pass the time particularly speedily. I presume we both just sort of went into lala land for a while, and it happened to occur at the same time.

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@EverRose, my ex said the same thing. Abduction of Aliens but that sounds insane and I get possible. Why does she think it is aliens?? The difference between her situation and my ex and mines was that it wasn’t too long of a shift.

I’m relieved to hear that others have experienced this and that I’m not crazy! lol

To the person above me…so you really think you went into “la la” land for 5 hours?? lol

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Drugs are bad.

no i don’t really believe that and i’m just poking fun

I think this will explain everything.

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i mean guess could be possible

I’ve never done drugs. This is a serious question. I’m not looking for those to mock me and make a joke out of this. =\

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I pray for company in any experiences I may have of world-shatteringly profound space-time anomalies.

Experiencing such a thing alone has the potential to be unbearable.

Imagine waking up 3 years, or 5000 miles, from here and now.
Or in a world, in which your best friend had never existed.

What do you doubt? Your sanity, and that’s just for starters.
Cataclysmic ego-death, at least temporarily, seems a significant possibility.

Into the blue again…......

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I have that happen a lot when I’m dreaming and it doesn’t feel right there either. It must be a really strange feeling to have it happen for real. I don’t know if it has a name particularly, but it could be a good question to research.

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I can’t find anything about it online.

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I’m not sure that these are time shifts, I always try and think of the logical explanation first…

I was thinking about the 1st example. Could you have read the clock wrong? Confused the big hand with the little hand? So for example it was 7.50pm and you read it as 9.35pm (or something like that).

Also I think that a loud noise like a fire alarm can irritate your ears and brain and could perhaps cause you to zone out. You could have been desensitizing to the noise but your brain took it further by mistake and you desensitized to all external inputs, and therefore lose track of time.

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Well, I would think that if it was just me but my bf is the one that experienced it too. I have mistaken time many times before but it was never like that one time where it felt liek a shift. Also it was a digital clock.

Again, many times of fire drills and the loud ringings of warnings and it’s never happened lol

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Hmm, that’s really odd. Never experienced anything like that, and never heard of it either.

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I haven’t talked about his in years, but when I was 21 and high as a kite on some sort of drug, I saw what I thought was an angel that told me my room mate was dead. I freaked out, and went to go check on him. Of course he was fine. I was so freaked out by the experience that I quit all drug and alcohol usage shortly after that.

A little over a year later, my room mate was killed in a very bad car accident. For some reason, it took a few days for it to sink in. After 3 or 4 days, it hit me and I just sat down on a kitchen chair and started crying and sobbing and saying over and over that he was dead.
I looked up and I swear—I saw myself standing across the room and looking at me. It was the me from a year before.

Sometimes I think it was just that I was under a lot of stress and remembered that drug experience and re-created it. But sometimes I think there was a weird overlap of time.

I hadn’t heard of anything like it until I watched the movie Hilary and Jackie (based on the true biography of Jacqueline Dupre.) There was a scene where a creepy figure walks up to her when she’s a child and whispers something in her ear and makes her cry. As an adult, she is depressed about having multiple sclerosis so bad that she loses her career and can barely move. She is crying and freaking out and suddenly sees herself as a child running around and she tells the child “Everything is going to be alright” or something. In the book a similar thing happens, except the mysterious figure tells Jackie that she’s going to end up in a wheelchair and wouldn’t be able to play the cello when she grows up.

I’m not someone who is all mystical and believes in psychic phenomena, but I do think sometimes there could be little blips in time where things shift or overlap.

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