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Which description is more appropriate to put in a resume? (details inside)

Asked by Carly (4555points) February 2nd, 2012
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I have gone to two different colleges since 2006. One is a community college where I did the majority of my GenEds, and will have completed an A.S degree by next semester. The other is my “four-year” college where I’m just obtaining my B.A.

On my resume, is it better to say that I attended my CC from “2006–2012”, or, should I put the actual dates I attended: “2006–2008, 2010, 2012”? The latter seems too much to put in, but it’s more correct. Any suggestions?

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If you went to two different colleges where you achieved different awards, then I’d put them separate. It doesn’t matter if they overlap, you can always explain how and why at the interview stage, or in your covering letter.
If there was a year where you didn’t attend one of these colleges, then came back to the same college, I’d hyphen 2006 – 2012 if these are the correct start and end years. Again, you can always explain the whys and wherefores at the interview stage. You’re not lying, you’re simplifying.

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I put mine with just the graduating date:
CC graduated in 2012
Harvard graduated in 2006

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I think you should put:

CC Name AS Degree
College Name (BS Program; scheduled to graduate 2012)

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I agree with @chyna and @marinelife. No need to include start dates, just degrees and when they were/will be completed.

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thanks guys :)
that was really helpful

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