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Do you think Shakespeare was the real author of his works, or do you think it was an aristocrat trying to hide their name from the public (or some other reason)

I’m currently reading the Bedford Companion to Shakespeare (2nd ed.), and one of the chapters mentions that there have been people who do not believe that William Shakespeare was the real author of the texts that most of society associates with his name.

To quote my book, it says, “Although a slew of nominees have been proposed over the last two centuries, from Christopher Marlowe to Queen Elizabeth, the favorites are Francis Bacon and Edward de Vere, earl of Oxford,” (McDonald, 24).

If any of you smart, literary jellies are aware of this debate, what is your current stance and support? I’m interested in this topic not only out of curiosity, but also because I’m considering researching more about this type of criticism for a paper I’m planning to write in the future. Thank you :)

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