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Can you help with my typos?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) February 6th, 2012
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“For you does it matter if someone tells them self they are great versus someone who is told they are great?”

Help me re word this or find the typo’s because I can’t see any. Thanks.

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I would write it like this:

For you, does it matter if someone tells himself or herself he or she is great versus another who is told he or she is great?

I’m not really sure that I like the way that turned out. It’s cumbersome.

Perhaps it can be reworked? Like this:

For you, does it matter if someone self-identifies as great versus another who relies on others to tell them of their greatness?

I’m still not sure I like it, but perhaps someone else will come along with a great way to say it. :-)

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Hi there, @auhsojsa. Sorry no mods were around earlier to help you with this. Your original question is as follows:
TITLE: For you does it matter if someone tells them self they are great versus someone who is told they are great?

DETAILS: Let’s assume the end result is that persons ultimate goal anyhow.

Example: Eli Manning telling broadcasts he is an elite quarterback as skeptics and critics didn’t have him top 5 in NFL then he goes out and wins the whole thing for his second championship.

What do you think? Is confidence situational? Is there more glory than one or the other?

The way it was originally written just didn’t really make sense. If I understand what you’re getting at, this is how I’d re-word it:

TITLE: Does confidence differ, depending on the way you acquire it?

DETAILS: Is there any difference between projected confidence and ‘earned’ confidence, if the end result is the same? One person may tell themselves they are great, while another has other people telling them how great they are. Does the confidence differ, if both achieve their goals? Is one type of confidence valued over the other?


Hope that helps!

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Is it better to be told you are great or to believe you are great?

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Seems like your Q boils down to: “Is there anything wrong with thinking of yourself as ‘great’?”

Details: If someone’s performance clearly justifies ranking them among the ‘greats’, does it matter whether that person applies that label to himself, or must it come from others in order to be legitimate?

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Thanks all!

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Also for future reference this should be in social really.

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@XOIIO Actually, it is about a question the OP tried to post on Fluther, so Meta seems like the correct place for it. Ideally, a mod would have contacted the OP via PM, when s/he asked us for help, but no one was around.

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@augustlan I realized halfway through after pressing answer, and just navigated away, but Fluther’s wonderfull speed the past little bit let it slip through I guess

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