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How does this site compare to Yahoo Answers, Amazon Askville, Answerbag, etc.?

Asked by tendoboy1984 (24points) February 10th, 2012
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What’s the community like? Is it pretty active?

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We have a fairly active community (though not at this time of day). Since I’m the community manager here, I might sound biased, but it’s a fantastic community, too! Helpful, thoughtful, and smart.

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I’m on Yahoo Answers quite abit…this site seems to be more friendly, you’re allowed to interact with the people and say exactly what you want, no sugar coating and it seems people don’t get offended here, I like Fluther, I’m just not used to the set-up and find it difficult to find subjects I may be interested in…I just need to spend more time here.

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I’ve had a look at a few other Q&A sites, but this one’s by far the nicest, both in the way that it works and the people that comprise the community!

I find the answers on this site are far more insightful, and a darned sight more helpful and intuitive. Everyone really pays attention to spelling and grammar too. Which is another thing I really like about it

And like @augustlan said, it is a pretty active one too, at the right time of day :D

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This is my first Q & A site. I had never used one before finding Fluther or since finding Fluther. As has been said, the community is lovely. Sure, there are disagreements but mostly they don’t get out of control and people are really quite respectful to each other 98% of the time. The other 2%, we have mods to step in.

There are both silly and thoughtful and intelligent questions. We get our fair share of “Should I break up with my xxx?”, “What does this dream mean?” and the like but there are equally serious and thought provoking questions.

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I am a former Askvillager, and can tell you that one of the huge differences here is the moderation. It actually exists on Fluther! The mods are fair, pleasant and straightforward here. Over in the ‘Ville, it was generally non-existent.

I also like that there is an expected writing standard for us to adhere to. I’m not a fan of sloppy writing, poor spelling or lack of punctuation. Fluther certainly bests Askville and Yahoo Answers in those areas.

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It has nice pencils & comfortable seats.

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It is infinitely better than those that you asked about.

The community is very strong. Just lurk and pick up on the memes, and then answer some questions so we get to know you. You will find friends.

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Most of the others are much bigger. They do not require you to write English, nor do they require you to be nice. Those are requirements here, and posts that do not meet those standards, as per the volunteer moderators’ opinions, will be taken off the discussion.

Questions must also be understandable. Your fellow jellies will flag any question they don’t understand or disapprove of for some reason, and the moderators may or may not agree with them. If they do agree, they will send the question back to you and you can fix it if you want.

They try to minimize points games here. You can only give any other individual 20 GAs on answers that will count towards their point totals. You can GA after that, but the person’s point total won’t increase. No one places a huge emphasis on lurve (points), but it does mean something. It’s just not the main reason people hang out here. People hang out for the discussions and the information.

We do have trolls, I think. I’ve never seen one, but I hear people talking about moderators getting rid of them all the time. They must be really efficient. We have spam, but that, too, is efficiently eliminated.

We pretty much demand that people argue using reason and backing arguments with data that go to credible sources. Not everyone does this, but when we get down to it, that’s what we have to do if we want to be believed. Some of us have a history here, so we can say stuff more often without using links to sources and people will believe us because of our past credibility. Or lack thereof.

Fluther can be addicting because of other aspects of the community. People really do establish caring relationships. Sometimes they even marry each other. Once, anyway, that I know of. We have our cranky people; our whimsical people; our zombie people; our political heads; our conservatives (yes, we even have conservatives—I can’t decide if that means we’re doing something right or wrong); our religious people (but we have a very strong atheist contingent); and for the most part, we speak to each other respectfully.

Not that there aren’t fights and hurt feelings, but we deal with it. Some people deal by leaving. So if you are going to get into it, you probably need a semi-thick skin. My advice is that you try not to take disagreement personally. Nor other tastes. Someone once left at least in part because she didn’t like my avatar. It’s as if she felt I was putting my ass personally in her face. I feel no guilt about that. I have earned that avatar the hard way. I’m sorry when people can’t accept me, but I’m not going to change my avatar in order to gain acceptance from everyone.

Just don’t take it personally. Nor anyone else’s avatar. Nor anyone else’s arguments. We’re here to talk and learn and sometimes we may get offensive but we try not to, and the mods keep us in line and anyway, it’s really not about you, or me, and any individual. People forgive and forget here. You have a fight one day and a week later, you’re flirting again. It’s just not that big a deal.

So jump in. Have fun. Be provocative. Be wise. Be funny. Not necessarily in that order. Ask good questions. Feel free to put thought into things. Even write long posts. I write longer posts than almost everyone else, and I know a lot of people don’t read them, but I write to find out what I think, so it doesn’t matter so much if only a few others read what I write. And I do have a few fans. That makes is all better!

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It doesn’t compare. There is a higher percentage of people here that actually think before they type. Whether by force or sheer will is not the point. We have brains!!!

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Fluther = Quality
Y!A, AV & AB=Quantity

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It’s much better than any other Q&A site. And the members are prettier, too. =0)

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We have our share of sons-of-bitches here, but they’re our sons of bitches, dammit, so we’ll mostly defend them against outsiders and say it’s a great site because of them (when what we really mean is “in spite of them”).

-An old S.O.B.

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We’re kind of like a big family here. We might not all like each other, or know that some even exist, but we all support each other. We also think before we post things.

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@tendoboy1984 Welcome to fluther! I don’t know what those other sites are like, but fluther has amazing participants here in our collective, we call them jellies, who gice thoughtful answers, and have an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge. I have learned a tremendous amount here. One of my favorite things about fluther is peoples willingness to discuss and change their own mind if an argument is good.

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FYI, quite a few of us here are refuges from Answerbag. AB made some changes that pissed a lot of the old-timers like me. I was there for six years. Many of us felt at home here because the community was so nice, and a lot of us found the refined-yet-casual atmosphere to be a welcome relief from flame wars, bad grammar, and lack of clutter. I don’t miss seeing 437 questions a day asking, “Am I pregnant?”, or, “What is this pill?”.

In some ways, we are more straight-forward and stricter, but we are also light-hearted and laid back. Sure, there is a limit on how many question you can ask per day, but I know of one AB guy that had a habit of asking literally 200+ questions a day to pad his stats. And you can get moderated for atrocious grammar; we generally prefer complete words over text-speak. However, we don’t mind a little off-color humor either, and the mods are generally lenient except when it comes to personal attacks.

We are considerably more interactive here, and generally friendlier than the, “STFU, n00bfag!!!111” crowd you get at other sites.

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Fluther is the only the only online community I can still see myself a part of in 50 years.

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smaller than all the above but… quality over quantity any day of the week.

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Sodahead allows much more creativity to your profile page, pictures and questions/answers. However it takes alot more to get booted off of that site compared to here. The debaters on here are tough, because they’re actually good at debating. The debaters on sodahead are also tough, not because they’re great at debating but because they get outright nasty for disagreeing with them. I have never tried Askville nor looked at it. I have an estranged account on Yahoo but I give that site an F-. I never had an account on Answerbag but I did poke around on there while scoping out other sites and I think that it is among the worst that I’ve ever seen, and I would give that a site a Z- if I could. JREF is a tough but challenging site for a paranormal enthusiast like myself and so is Scepcop. Scepcop has a bit more of an even balance of sceptics and psi proponents unlike JREF. Parapsychology Forum is another well balanced site between both sceptics and psi proponents but the userbase on there is a bit above my debating ability so it is very rare that I post on there. Fluther is best all around in my opinion.

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@Paradox25 You must have checked AB out Post-Exodus. It used to be pretty decent. Now it’s Yahoo with more ads and paid experts.

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