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Does this psychology experiment have a specific name, or is it something my teacher made up?

A few years ago I was in a psychology class with a teacher who showed us an experiment. First he asked our class to raise our heads if any of us has a headache, even a small one. About a third of the class did. Then he told these people (including myself) to relax and close our eyes, breathe deep and then do what he told us to do:

First he had us think about the area of where our headache was. Then we were supposed to visualize the general size of it. Then we were supposed to imagine the shape of it, and then finally we were supposed to imagine the color of it (if it had one). He then asked us who stopped having a headache, and to everyone’s surprise, most people raised their hands, including me.

Have any of you heard of this experiment? I’m not sure if this is something he made up to explain metaphysics, or if it was an experiment that he was using from someone famous who did that kind of research.

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