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What is your "Yay me!" moment?

Asked by josrific (2575points) February 14th, 2012
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This may not seem a big deal to some of you but I just walked 2½ miles today with minimal pain. That’s a “Yay me!” moment if I say so myself.

So what are your “Yay me!” moments in life?

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I got up this morning!

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When I meet my sales goals at the conventions I work at. When I bake something new and its delicious. When I make a new hat design and it turns out really good the first try. When I bike somewhere in crap weather and make it to my destination still alive and kickin’!

I like to get excited about little achievements in day to day life so I actually say “Yay me!” or more commonly, “Fuck Yes I did it!” a whole lot!

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Whenever I get some task done that I really didn’t want to do. Or when the omelet is an omelet and not scrambled eggs. I’m easily pleased.

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I went to my maths study group after ignoring it for eight sessions. Yay me !

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I lobbed several M&M’s out of my bedroom window & all of them reached their target, the soft heads of unsuspecting passers-by….....Yay me!! :¬)

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I finally went through my closet and donated the items that I should have donated a while ago. More closet space? Yay Me!

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@dubsrayboo I don’t have a “Yay me!” moment from today, but “Yay YOU!” I know what that feels like. :)

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I have spent 9 years as a active adult leader of a cub scout pack from which, in just a few short days, my youngest son will be “crossing over” into boy scouts.

During my tenure I have gone from clueless parent to “committee member” to den leader, to cub master, and will be concluding my tenure in just a few days with my final year spent as WII den leader. During that time our pack has:

- grown from a dying organization with scant handful of members to over 30 active cubs and parents
– been on at least two major camp outs each year plus numerous other smaller outings
– done more than a few excellent community service projects
– have suffered no major injuries

and in my particular den:

- 100% of the WII cubs have earned their Arrow of Light
– 100% of the WII cubs have chosen a boy scout troop and will be continuing their scouting experience
– 50% have even earned their “super achiever” award, which means that they have completed every single activity pin available to be earned.

- and last but not least, my “camp donuts” have become the stuff of legend.

But most importantly, we have had one heck of a good time.

Yay me!

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@YoBob, I’m hungry! Can I have a donut?

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@YoBob yea you! I would say you had an excellent run. What’s next, Boy Scouts?

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The cargo in a rented U-haul trailer shifted in transit so we could only open the door about six inches. I successfully resolved the problem in less than two minutes. It had seemed like we’d need the Jaws of LIfe to get that sliding door open in the cold and dark.

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When I studied for a licensing exam 3 days (never having cracked the book before that) before the exam. I went and wrote said exam and got 86%.

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I made enough today to pay next month’s expenses.

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@Ron_C – Yep, I will be an active member of the troop where my oldest son is only a few merit badges and a service project away from eagle and my youngest will be a part of the incoming crop of tenderfoots.

And of course, @GracieT, you most certainly may have a donut. I’ll be frying them up at the next camp out.

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@YoBob, Thank you- I was actually in Girl Scouts as a kid. Would you like a cookie?

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@GracieT – Of course! Who can resist those wonderful Girl Scout cookies?

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Replaced the toilet flapper “all by myself”!

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Each time I gave birth was a pretty good Yay me! moment.

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Amazingly, I had to do the exact same thing as @janbb . Man, I was cussing that *^%&$^# thing out at 2am when it started acting up, too

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Everytime I don’t run an asshole over with my car. I’m so proud that I resisted hurting my car. Yeah!
But I also feel like saying yeah, everytime I’ve completed all my chores early and have time to work out and still end up with time chill and sit quietly and watch tv or listen to music.

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I stood up to a bully at work today and had no qualms whatsoever. Yay me!

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@janbb and @SpatzieLover I hear you about the flapper valve. That’s a little thrill every time. Oh, yeah!

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I got 100% on two math tests today. :)

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[What is a toilet flapper?]

Can’t think of a ‘yay me’ event for today.

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There is a rubber or plastic round valve that covers the outflow pipe so the toilet can fill up again. Some times the valve doesn’t sit securely and the water keeps running, You have to re-seat it by hand. Sometimes the chain to the valve comes off and you have to attach it again. Look in the tank behind the toilet. Flush the toilet and watch what happens. Cats also find this fascinating.

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Ohhh… I don’t know anything about this. I should get my husband to show me. Who knew there was so much ‘toilet’ maintenance!

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@Bellatrix It’s amazing what exciting things you learn as a single woman! Call a plumber for $150, or $3.89 at Home Depot and then five minutes work!

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I dragged my arse in the gym today for a 40 minute work out despite feeling under the weather. I feel much better now.

Usually my “Yay Me” moments are when I do better at something than I expected to. My confidence isn’t always great and so I often have less faith in myself than I should.

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A painless bowel movement and no bloody stool. Yay me!

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Sadly @zensky I have been there. It is amazing to have a normal day!

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