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Can you please help me locate this cottage decorating blog that I can't find?

Asked by jca (36062points) February 18th, 2012
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One day I was killing time by looking at blogs, and got on to cottage style, decorating and crafting blogs. These are blogs that have pretty photos showing how people (mostly women) decorate their houses and do crafts. A lot of them were in Blogspot, but the one I am looking for is not definitely from there. I was googling and clicking from one to another. I made a list of the blogs I liked, and apparently the name I wrote for this one particular blog was not correct.

This blog was one a woman did of her house. It was not a huge house, like a 1950’s ranch. It has been previously painted inside with blue waves, really awful. The carpet had packing tape holding down the edges. It was terrible. Then this woman (the blogger) and her hubby bought it and redid the inside. They put IKEA butcher block countertops, redid the whole inside (mostly, but it’s a work in progress, which is what makes it interesting to watch). Inside is mostly painted in whites. Outside is either light blue or yellow.

I am compiling a list of blogs that I liked, and this was one. I tried blog searches but it’s like a needle in a haystack, and blog searches seem like mostly paid advertisements.

Can you help me find this blog?

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The Lettered Cottage

The Cottage Chick

Top 10 Cottage Style Blogs

I, too, like cottage style DIY blogs @jca. I think re-finding this one you saw may be difficult unless you can remember some key words of their blog name. Did they name their home? Sometimes I’ll remember some random tidbit that will help me search and find better.

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Do you still have the (wrong) name that you wrote down? Let us know, and we might have some more ideas on how to find it.

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What I wrote down (the wrong name) is Browsy Blog. I know that sounds nothing like it should indicate cottage style decorating. I have googled wavy blog, blue wavy blog, all kinds of variations of browsy (browzy, blowsy, name it). I googled Ikea countertop (I did find a great blog that is called Ikea Hacker, but not the cottage blog I wanted). I looked at the ones from @SpatzieLover, and I have seen them both, and the list of the Top 10.

It’s nothing that is urgently pressing about finding this particular blog, but anything that shows renovations is always interesting to keep track of, before and after, etc.

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You could check your Internet history if it was in the last three weeks.

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Well, I’ve looked and looked, with no luck. I hope you figure it out!

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@flutherother: at work, I think I have it set up where the history is deleted immediately.

@augustlan and @SpatzieLover: Will let you all know when I find it. I also checked Pinterest. Believe me, of all the blogs, this one was nothing exceptional, just that I want to see the lady’s updates to her “before and after.” There are a few on @SpatzieLover‘s list of Top 10 that are really charming.

I find looking at blogs to be great time-killers, along with Pinterest, Facebook and Fluther!

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I found it – I actually also found the one that I thought it was.

The one I thought it was is Browyblog@blogspot. That’s a blog, and it’s ok, but it’s not the one I was looking for.

Today I just did some googling, and I came upon the one it REALLY is: it’s called The Old Painted Cottage Blog and if you click on “Cottage8” that’s what I wanted. If you do so, you’ll see that the walls had been painted with a wave pattern, like I described, and carpeting had packing tape on them.

I have a whole list of blogs that I like. As you all know, there are so many, the list is going to grow every day!

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Yeah! Thanks for updating and sharing @jca. Like you, I love to look at before & after for decorating.

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@SpatzieLover: I made a list in Excel, at work, and I sorted it alphabetically. There are over 50 blogs on it. If you want me to email you the list, pm me your email address.

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I’m glad you found it. Thanks for the update, update lady!

That place is gorgeous. I bookmarked it for me, too.

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