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What would be a really creative prank to pull on someone that could be set-up overnight?

Asked by Carly (4555points) February 18th, 2012
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Besides TPing someone’s house, what other pranks have you done/heard of?

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Well this was to someone on Halloween…

Friend got passed out drunk. So… We made a noose, had two people pull either end of the rope we used while another used a saw in the middle to give it a torn look. We took him outside under a tree, put the noose end over his head and then tied the other half of the rope on a branch. He pretty much shat himself when he woke up and put one and one together.

we also alligator clipped his nips under his shirt

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Moving their small imported car to the dining room of their house.

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The quickest, easiest prank I know is applying electrical tape to the kitchen sink sprayer hose handle and aiming the head of the spayer out :)

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Fill their car up with about 50 quarts of cooked spaghetti noodles. lol

My daughter shared this with me recently..hahaha Poor guy!

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Fill their car with balloons

@Coloma shame, shame, that could cause serious damage.

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1) Find some empty toilet paper rolls.
2) Get the cardboard rolls nice and wet.
3) Tear the rolls into tiny pieces.
4) Roll the pieces up to form a “poop like” structure.
5) Leave the fake poop in any area you please.

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Put Vaseline on every door knob you see.

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My mother-in-law likes to drive by and plant flamingo yard ornaments in our front yard from time to time. I go to walk out my front door, and there’ll be like 6 flamingos out there!

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Get as many plastic solo cups as you can and fill them all to the brim with water. Place them on every flat surface in someone’s room around them while they sleep. Be sure there isn’t a single flat place left in their room that isn’t occupied by as many water cups as you can possibly fit. The idea is that it will be physically impossible for them to leave their room without spilling water everywhere because there is nowhere for them to move the water cups.

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We used to do practical yard jokes on one of our family members homes. We had a practical joke war between our two families for a few years. Afterwards, we’d take photos of the deeds.

Themes we did:
-Get as many cheesy yard decorations we could. We lined them up & down their walk & Driveway
-Tie ribbons all over their trees
-Decorate for an event (such as a birthday) or a holiday (say Christmas) when it was not anywhere near said event or holiday
-Put up a front yard clothesline with large undies hanging off

I have friends that are known for gluing money (pennies & quarters) to sidewalks. EDIT: I’m told, glued money is best, if you can set up a camera somewhere.

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Similarly to @augustlan‘s flamingos… I have a thong and bra wearing garden gnome. Thanks to my children. They like to find weird garden ornaments and leave them in places for me to discover.

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Park his car in the yard in front of a tree. (Um…did that last night to my husband’s daughter’s boyfriend. Well, it was my idea but I made my husband’s daughter do the deed; It was hilarious. It was time for them to leave and he was freaking out because his truck was “gone.” Gena had parked it so it looked like it was about to hit the tree! OK. Ya. I was drunk, but still it was a good one IMO And he deserved it!)

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Get powdered tempura poster paint, the cheap kind—preferably in red or brown. Unscrew a shower head, pack the paint into the pipe, screw the shower head back on. When the person turns on the water, it looks pretty scary, especially if it’s red :D

Tightly saran wrap the toilet between the rim and the seat.

If you have an old mask, put it between the rim and seat with the hair taped to the bottom of the seat lid, then close the lid. When they open the lid to pee, they get a scare.

When I was in high school, my friends and I would go through the mall parking lots and put condoms on hood ornaments. The 80’s Oldsmobile hood ornaments were the best—and watching the senior citizens drive, stop, then get out of their cars to check was hysterical to us teenagers.

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Oh yeah, if you tear up a cardboard toilet paper tube into little shreds, soak them in water, and squeeze most of the water out, you can make a very convincing turd by molding the pulp accordingly. I did this once, and set it on the toilet seat and I dribbled a little Dr. pepper around it and in the toilet for effect. One of my roommates thought one of us shat all over the seat!

Also, you can fill condoms up with water and then freeze them to make ice dildos that are good for pranks. I once shaved one of my roommates’s heads and filled a condom with his hair and water and then froze it. It formed a frozen penis of hair. We call it the wooly mammoth cock and it is still in our freezer. We havent come up with a prank to use it in yet. Trojan Magnums work best for making ice dicks.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I did the cup prank with small bathroom cups and red kool-aid, starting from their bedroom, and going all the way down their stairs

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@Carly, I am proud. Pics? After action report?

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@no pics, that particular prank was pulled about 4 years ago

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