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What is the connection between trustworthiness and eating the whole apple (details)

Asked by zensky (13418points) February 22nd, 2012
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It was in a list of (joke) Rules for Men from a certain “Men’s” magazine.

Normally, I get what’s funny and isn’t, even if it doesn’t make me, personally, laugh aloud.

However, this one stumped me – and perhaps one of you can enlighten me; Rule number one: never trust anyone who eats the whole apple, stem, pits and all.

I do. Does this make me less than trustworthy? I don’t get it.


Bonus: add your own Rules for Men/Women if you will.

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I’m getting Adam & Eve vibes going on.

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That’s all I can think of, too. Adam & Eve. But why mention the whole apple, and not just an apple? Seems like kind of a stretch.

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I am translating the joke, but the message was clear – it’s about the eating of the core, the pits – not leaving anything to throw out – as one normally would. It’s not about the apple, per se, if I am understanding it correctly. Does that help?

Grammar nuts; what sayest thou re. Stative verbs like understanding in the progressive form?

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Maybe it implies greed? “I want it all!”

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Perhaps it has something to do with people who don’t think of the future? If everyone ate the whole apple, where would the seeds come from to plant a new apple tree for future generations? I’m guessing here.

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It means that the person is not discriminating; they don’t think analytically. They take what is given to them as gospel, without applying any thought to the process.

Another word for this: gullible.

Yet another word or two: sucker. Fool.

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Perhaps there is no meaning. Perhaps a couple guys wrote something they thought sounded smart and catchy, but has no real substance. It was in a men’s magazine afterall wasn’t it? Women’s mags contain a lot of shit too. In other words; I don’t know.

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I get the “not discriminating” part. The first thing that came to mind to me was the baby and the bathwater thing. Maybe a person who would eat an apple, pits and all, would also throw out the baby with the bathwater. In other words, they can’t discriminate between what is good to keep and what should be thrown away.

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I think @Keep_on_running is on to something; this Men’s magazine has a lot of crap they think is funny. Hence: The Rules for Men. It’s probably some editor’s idea of a funny.

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