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Suggestions for buying a beautiful, excellent sound guitar?

Asked by skfinkel (13526points) February 23rd, 2012
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My beautiful Spanish guitar (from the early 60’s) was stolen, and I am going to replace it. Suggestions?

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Wish I had one, but the bottom line is that guitars are like women. You have to go on a few dates to find out if you are compatible and you never know when/where you will stumble across “the one”.

One of the best sounding acoustic guitars I have ever heard/played belonged to a friend of mine. It was a cheap off brand that he bought at one of those “big box” stores (I kid the not!). I know it was probably just a total fluke, but I would rank that “el cheapo” up there with some of the finest I have ever played (that includes makers like Martian, Laravee, etc…).

So… shop around, hit a couple of pawn shops… you know, play the field and go on a couple of “dates”.

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Why not just buy another one of the same? Go online or use ebay or something.

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I don’t know what your budget is, but maybe you could consider doing a guitar shopping vacation to Spain. There is such a high concentration of wonderful luthiers and specialized shops that you could visit just a couple of cities and get to try many, many good guitars. And, of course, get to see Spain.

Here’s a site with some recommendations.

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Your price range would be helpful.

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What style are you into? I love the double cuttaways. :-)
Check out C’List musical instruments for some good deals.

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I had a nylon, six string acoustic guitar, and I am thinking of getting that type again. Tried a Martin with steel strings today, and, while beautiful and had a great sound, the steel strings didn’t feel so good. I can spend quite a bit to replace what I lost, so any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Contreras, Carrillo, Bernabe, Paul Fischer

All Hand crafted.

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