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I've been hiding a rotten sandwich in my chest of drawers and it's really smelling and I can't get rid of the smell at all, what should I do?

Asked by Mivu99 (27points) February 24th, 2012
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I hadn’t eaten my lunch that day and couldn’t let my mum or dad know (they still don’t) so I decided to hide it in my chest of drawer, not realising it would go rotten and would let off a horrid smell, but now it had and I really need to get rid of the smell from the chest of drawers and my clothes that were also in there, what do I do? :/

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First, try washing the drawer.
Next, leave an open box of baking soda in the drawer to absorb any residual odor.

Lastly, don’t store food in your room.

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Throw away the sandwich first of all like you should of day 1…. Then do what @SpatzieLover suggests

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In the future, just eat the lunch. :)

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Hide a dead mouse in there to hide the smell of rotten sandwich?

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Why lie? Why hide it? Repeat after me.

“Thanks, mom, but I’m not hungry. I’ll put it in the fridge for later.”

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Clean the drawer, wash the clothes then sprinkle baking soda or talcum powder in the drawer. You could also buy scented drawer liners.

Unasked for advice alert…think about whether you have an eating problem

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Tell your mom or dad. It is what got you in this situation in the first place.
Covering up a cover up is not a good choice.

Honesty will always work best in the long run. Nip it in the bud, bud!

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Welcome to Fluther. You’ve come to the right place!
You’ve learned a lesson about food rotting and that’s worth a lot.

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LMFAO, what? I’m sorry, it’s just hilarious to me that someone stashed a sandwich in a dresser!!

Okay… tell your mom and dad what you did, instead of trying to cover it up and keep it a secret. Throw the rotten sandwich in the garbage can, after you wrap it up in a few plastic grocery sacks to prevent the smell from leaking out into the kitchen. Then, wash out the inside of your drawer.

After the drawer dries, spray it down with some yummy smelling lysol, then put an open box of baking soda in the drawer for about a week. Wash all the clothes twice, then put them aside for the week, while you’re “soaking” your drawer in baking soda. That should do the trick.

And next time… just tell your parents that you weren’t very hungry that day. It’s not a bad thing to be less hungry sometimes. Don’t hide food anymore, LOL.

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Kids do the darnedest things.

You might want to take the drawer out (if you can) and let it air outside complete with baking soda.

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Buy a new chest of drawers.

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First, spray the drawer with Lysol Spray. Let it stay overnight.

Next day, follow up with Febreeze and let it stay overnight.

You might have to repeat 1 and 2 above, until your nose says its okay.

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Guys, I’m cleaning it now, but can’t stand the smell and I just puked….. What to do?

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Tell your parents. They’re likely to think you’re storing dead things in your room.

If they aren’t home, follow the instructions above. Wash out the drawer. Put in Lysol or Baking soda.

What ever you do, do not put clothes back into that drawer until it smells fresh.

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I told them, but I got a new pair of drawers anyway :)

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@Mivu99 Nice job on telling them. Chalk another one up to honesty!!

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