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Why are there so many food blogs?

Asked by food (792points) March 8th, 2012
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Is it just my perception, or are there a plethora of food blogs, more so than of other topics? I know it might be because I´m interested in food, and that´s why I find so many. But seriously, I could find ten a day, with recipes and stories that I´m looking for, and keep on this way for at least a year….It´s incredible! Is it a fad? Is it nostalgia? Is it psychological motivation, yearning for the simple pleasures of life (though some recipes are hardly simple)? Or all of the above?

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I don’t know if there are more food blogs as opposed to other ones, because I too am a food enthusiast and love to read about food almost as much as I love to eat food. Also, cooking, at least for females, has always been a part of every day life since back to the cave days. People who like to cook, usually like to share their thoughts/recipes/techniques with other people, so as to continue the historical line. I liken it to Grandma passing down her handwritten recipes, only now, you can share your wisdom and yumminess with more people via the internets : )

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I must be honest and say I haven’t seen any at all. But I am aware that food is very newsy right now. Its an interesting point. Perhaps we are emerging from the fad of take outs? or people have only started to allow themselves to explore food, as well as the world getting smaller, we now can enjoy all types of food we never did before.

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If there’s one thing that all humans being have in common, it’s that they eat food.

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I echo @syz, Everyone eats so everyone likes food. People also like to debate and food is a relatively safe subject to debate without it coming to blows.

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Because food tastes good!

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Because everyone eats, and thus most people are interested in food.

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@WestRiverrat Ha Ha, you’re so right. I’m just picturing one of Fluther’s religious or political threads, only this time it’s about Sloppy Joe’s, and everyone is getting indignant and offended about whether it’s OK to even call it a Sloppy Joe if you use tofu instead of ground beef. ; )

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I´ve seen a real forum elsewhere, with Peruvians and Chileans fighting over a fruit and ice cream made from it, and saying whether it was native to Peru or Chile… it was nasty. It´s true! So I do believe there´s a possibility you might see some heated discussion over the sloppy joes, it is possible!

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we all have to eat, and we get bored of the same ole shit every day.

Many of us like to experiement in the kitchen.

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@food I did say relatively.

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I hadn’t noticed because I don’t really read food blogs but writers are advised to write about things they know. I think lots of people want to start blogs and writing about food is something most of us have some knowledge about. There are lots of ‘experts’ too who think they have knowledge to share. Films such as Julia and Julia probably didn’t help either! (I think that was the name of the film about Julia Childs.)

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Fat people gotta read.

disclaimer: I am a fat guy.

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This thread is making me hungry.

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I have found that lately, there hasn’t been much else on that I wanted to watch. I’ll get tired of the couple food shows I find interesting and then there may be 4 programs a week I watch. No loss.

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It’s trendy. Just as with anything trendy, there’s a lot of it. Later, the fad will die down, and after that, people will ask them, “OMG, you still have a food blog? That’s so 10s!”

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I don’t know much about food blogs, but it’s the same way with wine blogs. Writing about food or wine is a fun, creative, “glamorous” past time, so everyone wants to do it. It’s great that people want to share, but it seems like some bloggers care more about telling than they care about learning. I’ve seen plenty of wine blog posts that follow the same format of, blogger buys a bottle of wine and then throws out a few tasting notes. Like, “The wife and I stopped at Trader Joe’s the other day and discovered this deal, blah blah blah.”

I’d rather spend my reading time on something I can’t do myself. The most memorable blog post I came across was a writer who tried a bunch of different orange wines, which are a really strange subset of wine that an average joe like me probably wouldn’t encounter. A tasting with a whole bunch of them at once is even more of an event. The post was thorough, insightful, and told a story. That’s a world apart from the same old reviews of grocery store wines.

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I googled my fluther question and found other people had asked something similar though more specific: “Why are there so many ASIAN FEMALE food bloggers?” or: “Why are there so many FEMALE food bloggers?” Interesting….but I hope the people asking the questions have based themselves on statistics (and are not just being prejudiced)

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Good point, Haleth, and that orange wine post sounds interesting to me too. Near the Everglades, you can even taste carambola wine. It brings travel blogs to mind, too, which are probably the next most popular blogs out there… (I am saying this without having statistics to back it up, it´s just my perception and it would be interesting to find out what the most blogged-about topics are

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I have noticed that the study of cullinery arts has gained in popularity steadily in the last decade. There are so many TV cooking shows now, and also shows like Iron Chef, Chopped, and Gordon Ramsay’s shows. It only stands to reason that the interest in food and cooking would also show up in blogs.

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Shippy, it´s true, it may have to do with the fact that people are allowing themselves to explore more food than they did before…quick transportation helps but it´s the open mindedness about it too and excitement about experiencing new things that helps too. Skaggfacemutt, yes it seems like a complete culinary arts wave—- cooking shows—cooking items- blogs-even coffee shops—has fluthered us.

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