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How to help keep my face from turning red?

Asked by kb12345 (435points) March 23rd, 2012
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Whenever I get nervous or see someone or talk to someone I like or am not fully comfortable with my face turns red and I get very hot. I don’t know how to control this. In a few months I have a very important event where I have to meet parents that I don’t really know and I know my face will turn instantly red. I also will be takin many pictures so that doesn’t help either. Does anyone have any tips?!?

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In that moment, figure out what it is that is the root cause. Are you feeling anxious? Nervous? Scared? Frustrated?

If you can identify your emotion, it may help you read up on how to stop focusing on that emotion. It sounds to me like you have a bit of social anxiety. Practice talking in front of the mirror and in front of others. Work on becoming comfortable with speaking. If I recall, you’re young. The more practice you get of speaking to others, the more comfortable you will become with doing so.

My best tip when you already feel yourself blushing is to calm down, relax your shoulders and facial muscles, take take a deep breath, slowly release the breath and refocus.

The person you are talking to is more aware of their own insecurities. It is quite possible they do not even notice you blushing.

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There is absolutely nothing you can do to control it. But the good news is that people are wired to react positively to someone who blushes. It signals, on a subconscious level, that this is a person who has a strong sense of propriety. I read one psychologist who said that in looking for a mate, the first thing he’d look for is a blush.

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For many years after menopause, I had that problem plus the sweating. My face turned red, hot and wet.

I laughed it off and took out my handkerchief.

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I’ve always had this problem although it is slightly less now (unless I am enraged by someone on the Internet.) There is really very little to do about it. If your doctor suspects it may be rosacea however (a skin condition), there may be triggers to avoid and medications to take. I find that red wine exacerbates my redness.

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There are some anti-cholinergic medications you can take to control this kind of issue. But it seems a bit extreme. Best to just roll with it and laugh it off.

If you are really serious about taking care of it though, go see your doctor.

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One thing you might try is to rehearse the event in your mind over and over. Imagine conversations. If you have a picture of the parents, talk to it as if they were there in front of you. Rehearse saying the right things and saying the wrong things. It might make the actual meeting not an issue at all.

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BTW: There was some good info on blushing given here and here.

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Thank you everyone so much! I don’t think I have anxiety but that definitely sounds like what’s going on. I’m typically never nervous around people, I’m very outgoing. But if I see someone that I do get nervous around then I blush so much. All of the advice is great thank you so much

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I have rosacea and go red very easily, esp when anxious. Make-up covers up and in doing so seems to help stop me going red. Embarrassment about going red compounded the problem

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This is easy. You have to want to be in the moment. Tell yourself repeatedly, this is “fun!” It’s when nervousness + anxiousness is combined is when the blood flows. This is a reaction for your survival instincts. Much like how dogs will turn on their back when another dog is playing attack with each other. Try and tell yourself whatever the situation is going on, its not so much about you as it is just plain fun and games. Also having a business approach to the situation might help. Or maybe just smoking some pot.

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