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What are some quality beginner's resources for scientific data management using MS Access?

Asked by coelacanth (222points) April 5th, 2012
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Most guides I have seen use businesses and store inventories as examples. A much more valuable tool would be one that is already tailored toward scientific data management.

I’m looking for books, websites, etc. Thanks!

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Years ago, when I was looking to using MS Access, there was an Access user group. I don’t know if the user group still exists, but you might try a search for a user group first, then ask your question at that user group’s forum.

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Chicago Access Users Group

Wow I can’t believe such things exist.


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You’re welcome. There also used to be an Access magazine called Smart Access (now defunct). This website has an index and short abstract of all the magazine’s articles. True, most of these articles are by now old and obsolete, but you might be able to search and contact some of the magazine articles’ authors and see if that can lead you somewhere. Good luck!

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