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What is a companion ticket?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) April 12th, 2012
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My friend and I were talking about traveling and she said she could get me a companion ticket… I’ve never heard of it what is that? How is it different from a regular ticket?

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They’re promotional offers that airlines (and maybe trains) offer where a traveler can pay full price for the first fare and a discount for a companion traveling with them. I’ve seen them offered through certain credit cards.

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@JustPlainBarb is right. Your friend probably has some sort of promotional offer where her companion comes along for free or a discounted rate. You have to do the travel together, same flights. She might want you to split the total amount of all the tickets with her, or just pay the companion price.

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When I was flying a lot for business, after 40,000 miles I was offered companion tickets at 25% of my fare whenever I travelled. Took my girlfriend from San Francisco to New York once doing that. It’s nice if the company is paying for one ticket.

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