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Does gamestop still buys used games and old consoles?

Asked by ganti_x89 (375points) April 22nd, 2012
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I’m thinking of taking them my guitar hero guitar, guitar hero 5, a ps2 with a control and memory card, and need for speed:undercover for ps3.

Will they accept all of the things I listed?

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I know they still buy used games and consoles, but I think which ones they will buy depends on their current supply and the demand for the item. If they have a ton of PS2’s already in stock, they may not buy yours.

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Yes they will, but please consider selling them on eBay if you must, and not through GameStop. Churn is very bad for the little, creative guys in the industry, and GameStop’s fueling of it is irresponsible and ultimately cheats gamers out of a better game experience.

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E-bay or Amazon.

I wouldn’t bother taking it to a brick-and-mortar store. Even if they’ll take it you’re going to get some tiny fraction of what it would go for online.

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Yes, they will take it, but you won’t get a lot, even if they are popular items. If you just want to get rid of them, then you shouldn’t have difficulty (unless they’re broken or something) selling it to them.

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In my area, Gamestop will take most things, but they don’t actually give you money for it. Instead you get credits that counts as money, and can be used for buying things in the store only. I’m willing to bet you’re not gonna get very much. :/

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Yes, I believe they do but I don’t think they accept Gamecube stuff.
You’re better off selling your stuff online.
You won’t get much from Gamestop at all, if you get cash. Some of them just give you credit. If you end up selling your stuff at Gamestop, more than likely they’ll just rip you off by turning around and selling it at a higher price than what you sold it to them for.

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