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Who, (Hoo) flew into the 10 K mansion?

Asked by wilma (16452points) May 4th, 2012
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She’s a she’s a bright spot in the dark of night and we are so happy to have this little bird fly on up to the 10 K mansion! It’s mangeons that’s Hoo!

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Nice job @mangeons!!
reeeaaaaalllll niiiiiicccceee

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Whoo-hoo! Hey, hey HEY! Congratulations!!!! I always enjoy reading your posts!!

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Congrats to mangeons! (does your name translate to something about eating???)

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Hooo hooo… owls are one of my favourite birds and such wise, gorgeous creatures.. just like you @Mangeons! Congratulations!

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Congratulations Mangeons!

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Congratulations on this esteemed accomplishment!

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Well Done Mangeons!!!! Welcome to the Mansion. Let us prepare a special perch just for you.

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Mangeons! Buvons! Fêtons cette jeune femme super chouette!

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Congratulations, @mangeons!
I thought you were part of the furniture here and reached the mansion years ago :-)

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Happy 10K! .......... Happy 10K…............Happy10K…..........Happy10!

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Congrats, Mango!

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@rebbel perfect!

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Wow. I thought you were here long ago! Welcome!

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Congratulations Mangeons! You are a great addition to the collective and so wise beyond your years. You have great insights on issues that I never would have thought of. Welcome to the mansion!

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Bright, like her Mama!

Congratulations!!!!!! :)

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Félicitations, @mangeons! Bienvenue chez Dr. J!

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All right, girly. I’m glad you are around more these days. Congrats!

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Allow me to share my bountiful supply of cheeses and wheat beer with you!
Chese and beer party here tomorrow, so lets break into the goodies early! Woot!

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Hey, hey, my little friend! Congratulations. Even though you must be spending too much time on here to have reached 10K! You are a great addition to the collective. Hugs!

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Mangeons . . . Mansion. It has a nice ring to it!! Congratulations. As I recall, you’re related to someone of vast authority here. It’s good to know the heiress apparent is on tap ;-)

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Congo Rats! Enjoy this! You earned it!

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Congratulations @mangeons. I enjoy reading your answers and your questions. Keep ‘em coming :-)

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Congratulations on the 10K, you earned them ;D

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Welcome to the mansion! Now don’t stay awake all night!!!


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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

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MIlo here; Well done but what else would we have expected? Now, let’s eat.

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Congratulations! And with that you get a new swim suit to wear in the mansion pool!

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@gailcalled Mangeons Let’s Eat! Ha Ha!

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Congrats! Pull up a perch by the fire!

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Congrats! Well deserved.

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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C O N G R A T S !!!! Did it feel like running a 10K marathon? Awesome ain’t it?

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Since I couldn’t find a French eating song, here’s Gaby Morlay singing this rollicking drinking song; Boire un petit coup, c’est agréable, in 1948.

“Boire un petit coup c’est agréable
Boire un petit coup c’est doux
Mais il ne faut pas rouler dessous la table
Boire un petit coup c’est agréable
Boire un petit coup c’est doux.”

Toutes les paroles

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Put away the brooms and close all the windows. We don’t want this one to escape.

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Thank you so so much to everyone has congratulated me! I’m really glad I’ve started spending more time here, you guys are all great! :-)

And it only took me 3 and a half years to get into the mansion! :P

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I suppose congratulations are due…if I must. ;)

Seriously, though, happy 10k, little sister!

Fly (8726points)“Great Answer” (17points)
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Well I already congratulated you, but congrats again!

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Aw the sisters are all here to congratulate you. What a fine family!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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To whom it may concern, to wit, @mangeons, Congratulations on the 10K! ;-)

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Now you can move out of your parents place and into the mansion. ;-)

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Congrats on 10K @mangeons !!

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Super De Moono @mangeons!!!!!!

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Congratulations, girlie! I love and lurve you. <3

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Congratulations. I like seeing your input and insight on Fluther.

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Yaaaaaay! Super congrats to the nicest, smartest, most well-spoken girl I know. Much deserved. :)

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Congratulations to you @wilma!!! Happy 10K!!!

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Time flies… congratulations darling.

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I’m late to the party as usual. Congrats on this outstanding achievement! Love your thoughtful and thought provoking input!

jca (36054points)“Great Answer” (12points)
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@mangeons Ten Congratulations ManJ0ns!!!

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Munch away Mangeons!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done

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Well done, bright star in the universe of the new generation!

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Marvellous job! Welcome to the 10K Mansion.:-)

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You are just in time because the architects just finished the French wing of the mansion complete with a huge library. Lucky for you (and us) this library is not stuffy at all and down at one end, they have a traditional kitchen/dining room just for you to prepare and eat French food. All you have to do is shout, Let’s Eat!.

Your quarters are technically part of the mansion, but they have been added on just for you and are big enough to accomodate your sisters and all of your friends should they decide to come and visit. See if you like this place. Your mom already has her own space in the mansion and I checked with her, to make sure you could have your own place, she said yes. Me and @Luckyguy will be your chaperones, to make sure that everything is on the up and up, to give your mom a break.

They also finished the art gallery and they’ve installed a Vuillard a Monet a Degas a Renoir and a Manet (You’ll recognize me because I look like the bartendress!) but they’ve left and entire section of the gallery for you to display your own artwork!


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Wait…does she have a fully stocked fridge with Natty Lite in it?

Wow..that Manet was amazing….I have never heard of him before. I love the 10K mansion! (If it has a fully stocked fridge, of course.)

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@Dutchess_III and no slugs to waste the beer upon!

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Damn! You remembered that!!

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Wait… if there’s a French wing in the mansion now, does that mean I have to move?

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No. There is a Chinese wing too. And ya’ll can visit. And stuff.

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Phew! For a second there, I thought I was going to have to clean my room!

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@SavoirFaire: Il y a la bonne à tout faire, and I mean tout.

How’s your French? Listen to L’Hôtel du Numero Trois, verses 8 and 9:

(La bonne, ah ! La pauvre petite bonne,
La bonne à tout faire naturellement
Ah ! La pauvre… Enfin, n’en parlons plus)

La bonne n’est pas une très belle fille,
Mais nous n’songeons pas au minois,
On lui fait l’amour en famille
A l’hôtel du numéro trois.

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@gailcalled That’s some good wordplay right there!

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You people are giving beer to my 16 year old, just so you know!

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Lol… I linked the wrong name (blushes) – I was on Fluther via my phone.


Congratulations to you @mangeons!!! Happy happy 10K day!!!!

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missed another good party. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Auggie, not to worry, me and @Luckyguy are chaperoning @mangeons. No beer in her quarters. Just fabulous French food.

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Aw man, I’m so so so late! But I want to say CONGRATULATIONS!! to this fabulous jelly.

Best of luck to you in the college hunt as that phase begins…it’s stressful, but exciting!

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16-year-olds drink beer in France!

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Yippee Kay Yai Yay!

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Congrats to you. Great accomplishment.

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NO BEER??!!!!

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Hands @Dutchess_III a glass of fruit punch. It’s quite refreshing.

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Fruit punch isn’t French. :(

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But fruit punch is delicious!

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This is un punch planteur. :-)

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How fricking late am I to this party? My sincerest apologies!

I feel particularly bad @mangeons, because, if I remember correctly, you threw me my 10k party.

So…. congratulations! It’s about time!

Here’s a card for you


The real thing is more fun because it has a hook on top and you can hang it from something, and her legs/feet are made of bead strands that dangle and the one her legs seems to be missing from the card in the picture, but it’s the best I can do here in this virtual world of the internets and Fluther.

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WTH are you talking about @lillycoyote?!!

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I guess it wasn’t entirely clear what I was talking about. The image I posted for @mangeons is one of the “Laini’s Ladies” and they come in a card, with an envelope.

There a bunch of them. Here are a few.

They are all “ladies,” of course, of similar design, and have different quotes on them. And you can remove the ornament part and hang it. I have several that I have kept for myself and some I have sent to other people. Most of them have strings of beads for legs, except for things like the mermaid, as you can see that in the link above.

I liked the quote on the one for @mangeons and that was the best image I could find, where the quote was clear enough to read, even though I don’t really think books have addled @mangeons , she just likes to read. The one in image I posted for her was without the card, just the ornament part, and one of her “bead strand legs” is missing. That’s what I was trying to explain.

If it had been for @WillWorkForChocolate, for example, I maybe would posted the one on the bottom right in the link above, The Chocolate Muse.

The quote on that one is:

”‘But you have no chocolate? My dear, how will you ever manage?!?!’ -Marquise de Sevigne”

And the next time someone says “WTF or WTH are you talking about, @lillycoyote?!!?” I’m not explaining. I’m done explaining. :-)

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Oooooh, I SO need the chocolate one!

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