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Do people still use travel agencies?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7894points) May 9th, 2012
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I may be showing my “youngness”, but where I live, I haven’t see one travel agency in business, and it’s a good-sized town.
Do people still use them, or are travel agencies dying businesses?

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Yes they do. However this is the internet age (seriously had you not noticed?) and most of their business is carried out online these days.

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Indeed…travel agencies still exist. Since the explosion of the internet though, they have had to change their business strategies. That’s the simple answer. Let me know if you would like more information.

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@Lightlyseared I did notice this was the internet age, which is why I asked the question. You have lots of booking sites like Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire, etc. so it just seems that there would be no need for physical agencies.

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“Travel Team” in Seattle has some great deals going to Australia and New Zealand. I used them 3 times.

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There was a recent article in the Times about the resurgence of the use of travel agents for luxury or specialty markets. However, they are certainly used much less than they had been.

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Actually, travel agencies are making a comeback. For a small fee (sometimes depending on what they are booking), they have access to some great deals that regular people don’t. They also have a lot of insider knowledge that will really help your trip.

Just because one can do something oneself doesn’t mean it is the best use of time or money.

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AAA has not suffered, because of their other offerings, such as roadside services.

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At my company, when we do business travel we are required (generally speaking) to make arrangements via our in-house travel agency, Carlson Wagonlit. And they are awful. I can make better, cheaper, quicker flight and hotel bookings in any number of online services: Hotwire, Travelocity and Expedia, to name three, but generally we have to “find” what we want elsewhere and then book it through Carlson.

I have never heard of a good explanation about “why” that is.

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if I ever decide to travel again, I would pay the premium for the service.

(Use “youth” rather than the neologism “youngness.”

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@CWOTUS So you could get what you want as long as you just tell the travel agency to get it for you?
@marinelife That’s true.

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@Aesthetic_Mess yes but those booking sites are still travel agenecies and your question was “Do people still use travel agencies?”. Bricks and mortar bussinesses are going bust in every sector.

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No, not hardly. The travel agency won’t book some airlines, for example (Southwest is one example), so the only way to do that is when the itinerary more or less demands it. The booking preferences pretty much blow, too, in my experience. (Maybe that’s because I’m not experienced in traveling through this agency; I avoid it to the maximum extent possible.)

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They are primarily used by businesses that have a lot of employees who travel on company business.

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I just booked a trip to Disney World through my favorite travel agency. They always manage to beat the price of even the internet bargains. I love my travel agency. I just called them and told them what I wanted – air, resort hotel, Disneyland tickets, shuttle from airport, etc. I tried booking it on line first, just to see how much it would be, and my travel agency got the same thing for $500 cheaper. Not a lot of difference, but it is so convenient.

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Of course people still use travel agencies. They’re more informed than a regular travel website and you can ask all kinds of question about travel expenses, prices and different offers. Travel agencies are the best way to book a flight and/or plan a trip. I recommend it warmly!

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Yes, Even, moreover people who specially travel in buses. They use to book them ticket from agencies rather than going online or anywhere.

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Yes, of course travel agency exist and that’s there job they help you book your flight and hotel. but try finding a package online that includes a hotel it is easier.

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Of course they do!

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