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Do you know any online clothing stores that sell reasonably prices tomboy apparel for adult women?

Asked by Carly (4555points) May 10th, 2012
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I’m getting really tired of being judged when I shop in the guys section for clothing that 1) fits me comfortably and 2) looks good to me

Also, today I went shopping for pants. I really liked this red pair at American Eagle. They were in the guys section, and the cut looked great, but when I tried them on, my hips were too big and the pants looked weird on me. :(

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American Apparel makes a lot of plainer, looser-fitting, almost unisex clothing for women. The clothes are also well made and not too expensive.
Don’t let the cover page deceive you.

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@SvenLee She was looking for more tomboyish clothes, and none of those sites sell anything close to that. Don’t get me wrong, Forever 21 and Asos definitely have their place, but they don’t really cater to what @Carly is asking for.

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I have that problem also what I do is go to burlington coat factory they have a tailor there. ..who cares what people think

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@brooklyn1213 – Welcome to fluther! Hope to hear more from you:-)

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Just buy appropriate guy clothes.

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I worked in retail for years, and never would have thought twice about women shopping in the mens section. In fact when I worked selling jeans we often suggested men’s jeans to some women, depending on their body type and what they were looking for. This past winter I bought two men’s long sleeve t-shirts for me at Hollister and I love them. Some of my favorite pajamas are men’s sets of short sleeve and shorts.

Gap might have some clothes you like.

Levi’s might work for you also.

Stores that focus on the outdoors like Dicks might have some tom boyish clothing for women.

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Duluth Trading Co. is, ideologically, somewhere between Dickies and REI, making their offerings… not unisex so much as utilitarian. Might be worth a look. They are not cheap, but their stuff (so far) holds up well.

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@Nullo I looked at Duluth Trading Co. and I really like it! Thanks for the direction :)

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At least for pants you might want to check out Ben Davis. I have a few female friends that love them.

They are a bit hard to find in normal stores but most places that cater to construction workers should have them. And farm supply stores.

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I never heard of Duluth either @Nullo but they have some great stuff! Thanks

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@Carly @rooeytoo Glad to be of help!

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