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How do I determine the approximate value of a Pokemon card?

Asked by jellyfish3232 (1852points) May 13th, 2012
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Recently, I’ve become quite involved with the Pokemon trading card game. I’d like to sell off some of the cards that I don’t need for my deck on EBay. My friend told me that the rarity is determined by a small star, diamond, or circle in the bottom right corner. This seems to be inaccurate because some of my cards have no identifying symbols (they say promo instead). Do any of you have any advice on selling these?

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Promo cards are often fairly rare and thus worth a bit more. Like most things, card prices are determined by supply and demand. Cards that are great in-game tend to be more in demand, and those of increased rarity, by definition, have a smaller supply. Often the rarer cards are also the most powerful in-game, so they get a double-boost in price.

Most CCG games have price lists that tell you the current price of each card, but I cannot seem to find a current one for Pokemon, at least not in the few minutes I have before I have to go. I’ll see what I can find later; if yu don’t hear back from me, assume I didn’t find one.

In the meantime, read this

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Thanks jerv, the wikihow is very informative. I eagerly await your response if you find a website.

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Look up the current going price on Ebay. That way you’ll know what they sell for, not what a price guide says they’re worth.

To do this, look up your exact card on a search on ebay. On the left hand side of ebay, scroll down to Show Only, then click Completed Listings. You can see from that if the card is currently selling well or if auctions are ending without the card being sold.

I’ve owned my own collectibles/sports memorabillia business for over 25yrs. I’ve been on ebay for 11yrs.

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