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Does anyone here have any experience with Avaya?

Asked by laurenkem (3408points) May 13th, 2012
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I just started a new at-home job training to do on-the-phone customer service work. I purchased the requisite landline telephone with a headset plug for training. Now it’s starting to look like I need a USB adapter for my headset. Is this correct? I can connect to Avaya, that’s not an issue. I’m just concerned that when I actually begin using calls, I’m going to be using the wrong headset/port. I know, I’ve already tried to ask the instructor – didn’t really get a straight answer other than, “yes, you’ll be using Avaya to take calls”.

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I use Avaya for home working and my Avaya phone connects to my PC through a spring clip telephone connection, not a USB connection. Yours might be different I suppose. I use a grey cable with a phone connection at either end.

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What is the model number? Aveya is the name of a company that makes networking equipment… so that is kind of like asking if anyone has any experience with Toyota.. without knowing specifics, we can’t help. :)

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It’s Avaya one-X Agent, Version 2.5 – does that narrow it down?

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