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Why all the hipster hate?

Asked by Repo_the_Genetic_Opera (433points) June 8th, 2012
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I’ve noticed people hate hipsters. They really don’t seem all that bad. What’s with the hipster hate?

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Old person here. Can you please define ‘hipster’? I suspect it may not mean the same thing that it did in my youth. Then again,it could be a retro term for the popular style/culture we had in the ‘60’s, which caused a negative reaction from the older generation.

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I don’t hate them either, and only know maybe one. I think it is because some of them try too hard to be different. No one on this planet is original, so people having this gimmick makes them look bad.

@Pied_Pfeffer They’re generally younger people that reject mainstream and pop culture. Apparently some are quite pretentious.

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I don’t think anybody actually hates them…that’s a bit strong. But yes, they are the butt of many jokes. Why? So many reasons, but mainly the attitude that is associated with many hipsters. They are often extremely pretentious and can be very “holier-than-thou.” I know several people who fit quite well into the hipster stereotype, and I have to say that they tend to be annoying and try far too hard to be just like Zooey Deschanel, though I certainly don’t hate them by any means.

Then, there is the hypocrisy of hipsterism that is constantly made fun of. Despite trying so hard to be “ironic” and different than mainstream society, they all somehow manage to listen to the same music, have many of the same characteristics, and look exactly the same.

Of course, these are generalizations and not all hipsters are like this. And really, the line between hipster and average citizen is blurred because you’re not a hipster if you admit to being one.

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Maybe because so many seem to be pretentious silly people with pretentious airs?

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@Fly It bores me to tears cracks me up when my young 20-something male cousins with their super skinny pants (with the rear end section way below their actual rear ends) and their huge shoes, post what they think are ironic statements on facebook, when in reality (yawn) they’re the same silly, stupid thoughts, that me and my generation, and the generation before mine, thought were new and relevant and mind blowing. It doesn’t help when they have a funny little beard along with a face full of acne.

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Skinny jeans.

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I don’t know what it is if it isn’t low waisted jeans or French cut panties.

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Hate? Nah, just indifferent.

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Honestly, I don’t really know all that much about “hipsters” or hipster hatred. The only insight I might be able to add is that, at least I find “non-conformist” subcultures who hold anyone who isn’t just like them in disdain; who think anyone who isn’t just like them are mindless, mainstream, conformist, zombie sheep are just, really, kind of, pretty damn annoying actually, to be honest.

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I actually enjoy hipster fashion, and I agree with you that they are unfairly criticized over it. But I do tend to dislike hipsters as individuals. I think it’s because they’re usually not all that friendly, and are quite cliquish. I dislike going to events in Brooklyn because hipsters just aren’t that much fun to be around – they’re so self-conscious and judgmental, and they don’t dance at shows.

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Because they use Macs.

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From the vantage point of my age, I’m mildly entertained by the spectacle of a twenty-something posturing as a disdainful arbiter of cultural value. It’s part of growing up, though: you form a hypothesis about what the world is like, and what your relationship is to it; you test-drive that hypothesis for awhile, discover that you can’t fit the world in that little box, and try a different hypothesis. Most of us go through several iterations of that process. The further you go down that road, the more tolerant you become when you see people striking this or that pose as they try out yet another hypothesis.

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It’s hard not to poke fun at anyone that takes themselves that seriously.

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Because it’s trendy to go against a trend.

Also you guys need to watch this Skip to 4:20–4:34

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Because they’re trying and failing to be counterculture, while throwing it in our face that they’re succeeding, when they aren’t. The typical idea that defines someone as a hipster, imo, follows the following structure: “you should be different, just like me,” which is a logical absurdity that they seem not to realize. Also, speaking from the vantage point of someone in college, they tend to be the ones that are there paying a lot of someone else’s money for a degree that isn’t likely to make them any back. As a guy with parents who were less well-off working my ass off for an engineering major because I actually realize the importance of financial stability, being out of touch with reality like that is a little annoying to me.

In all honesty out of the people I know I rarely dislike someone for being a hipster, but hipsterism as an idea is irritating in itself.

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^^ Bravo! I wish I could give you @inkswinc more GA’s!

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@Michael_Huntington OH MY GOD! How boring is this guy? He is WAY too young to pontificate. I’m happy with skipping ahead, because no way could I have listened to five whole minutes of his crap.

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