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Just for kicks, which Hollywood performer would you like to come back to life and make more movies?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27512points) June 13th, 2012
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I wish Paul Newman and Robert Redford could do a sequel to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Lol.

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This guy.

And because he seemed to have a fascinating private life, I’d like to see how someone from the silent era would do with current technology.

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I was going to say Paul Newman too. But since you did I will say Henry Fonda or Jimmy Stewart.

Or better yet, Humphrey Bogart in his prime.

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Cary Grant

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@zenvelo @syz @bewailknot Amen!!!!

I’d like to see Spencer Tracy and Hepburn team-up again!

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Bruce and/or Brandon Lee.

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Vivien Leigh
Clark Gable
Cary Grant
Audrey Hepburn

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Steve McQueen
James Dean

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Cary Grant
Katherine Hepburn

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Carole Lombard

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Vincent Price. I bet he’d be awesome today as he was back then. He’s lay down some smack on modern horror and make it smarten up.

disclaimer; I like all horror, old and new

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@SavoirFaire I like Bruce but prefers Brandon more. I felt he was on his way to serious stardom when he got killed.

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Bella Lugosi
James Cagney

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Fred Astaire
Bette Davis

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Gilda Radner. <3

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@mazingerz88 It’s hard for me to choose. Both should have had more time. You’re right, though, that Brandon didn’t really get to see his success the way that Bruce did.

@Adirondackwannabe I hope you saw this coming…

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John Wayne
Judge Reinhold
Yul Brinner
Sharon Tate

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River Phoenix

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^^ A million times yes. Without the drugs this time…

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Judge Reinhold is dead? ;-o

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@reijinni, Judge Reinhold is still alive – only his career is dead.

@Brian1946 jinx you owe me a coke!

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Gregory Peck
River Phoenix
Kate Hepburn

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George Peppard
Humphrey Bogart
Steve McQueen

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Charlie Chaplin
Orson Welles

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I, too, say River Phoenix. But to be original I’ll say Heath Ledger. What a waste.

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I too wish Newman and Redford had done another movie.

I once pitched to my uncle a treatment for a dance movie with Patrick Swayze and John Travolta in it. Not happening, obviously!

Although I find Charlie Chaplin’s personal life somewhat distasteful, it would be interesting to see what he’d be doing these days.

Would love to see Ingrid Bergman, Alec Guiness, and Gregory Peck again.

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Peter Sellars
Graham Chapman
Bambi’s mum (she coulda bin a contender)

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Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Graham Chapman
Heath Ledger
Marilyn Monroe
All the Marx Brothers
John Belushi
John Candy
Freddie Prinze

I think it would be amazing to see what any of these actors come up with in the current Hollywood that thinks ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Dark Shadows’ are good movies.

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@cazzie Personally, I think Dark Shadows is a great concept that post-Sleeping Hollow brilliance, got mangled by Tim Burton, unfortunately.

I miss John Candy too. Once, in a dream, I had the perfect plot for a sequel to Splash. I can’t seem to recall it now. Lol.

And oh yes, I wish Chris Farley would get resurrected to do even just one more movie!

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@ragingloli DiCaprio died?

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Judy Garland

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The Marx Brothers: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and Karl. ;-p

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@tinyfaery Aww, how could I forget about Heath Ledger? I really wish he wasn’t gone.

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James Dean, River Phoenix, Heath Ledger. All taken before they made their best work.

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For me it would easily be Heath Ledger. I think he passed way before he did his best stuff and I also think he would have been a solid actor for a very long time. He had that classic way about him that would have translated over to serious drama down the road as an older man. I love all of his movies.

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