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Facebook profile question (hopefully simple!).

Asked by marmoset (1260points) June 19th, 2012
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FB used to show my school right under my name. That’s what I want. When I added my city, the only thing displayed under my name was my city. I removed my city from my profile and now nothing shows up under my name. What can I do to restore my school to showing up under my name?

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(Things I’ve tried: logging out and in, deleting and re-adding my school)

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I was just recently trying to change what shows up under my name and could not figure it out. I will be following the Q. Thanks for asking it.

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Do you have Timeline or normal profile? If you have timeline, go under Privacy Settings, click editing your timeline info, under Where did you go to college/university? mouse over the male/female icon and choose who you wish to see this information.

I have a timeline setting on my profile, so I cannot provide detailed information regarding your personal settings, but I am almost certain that it is quite similar. Search for privacy settings and see if you are restricting your profile view or individual settings as being shown or not. Sorry if I couldn’t help further.

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