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What is the weirdest flavor of coffee you've seen (or drank)?

Asked by jca (36054points) June 22nd, 2012
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I’ve seen bananas foster coffee offered in a bagel store, once. It sounds freakish.

I’ve also seen blueberry and I can’t imagine how blueberry coffee would be something that tastes good.

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I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, but Kopi Luwak coffee would be something to write home about.

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Not weird but I like Irish coffee. A little Bushmills after a meal goes really nice.

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Cat poo coffee I have never tasted it though!

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We have some sort of blueberry coffee at work – I’m repelled by the thought.

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I hate flavored coffees and avoid them like the plague. I don’t even like the smell of them.

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I’ll stand for a little bit of milk in coffee to cut the acidity and cool down the insanely hot industrial coffee machine temperatures, but anything else is disgusting to me. I don’t think sweet belongs in coffee. I don’t even like sugar in it. To me, flavored coffee is like putting patchouli on a hippy. They still smell like unwashed funk after you use it and then you have the second smell to deal with.

If you don’t like the flavor of regular coffee, I don’t think adding tons of sugar, chocolate, and god knows what other flavors to it will help. You can’t kill the coffee taste and then you have that second taste competing with it and making an even worse taste mess in your mouth.

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Peanut butter. There are all sorts of flavors of Torani and Davinci syrup and all of them are designed to go into coffee. Some are pretty strange.

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I hate fruit-flavored coffee. I’ve had orange flavored and cherry flavored coffee. I am not a big fan of either. I have also had pumpkin flavored, which isn’t so bad.
If I go for flavored, I stick with the traditional ones you could find in a coffee shop.

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Starbucks used to have an espresso drink called mocha valencia, basically mixing chocolate, coffee and orange flavors. I didn’t like it very much and am not surprised it fell off the menu. Nobody ever ordered it when I worked there.

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I think @bongo and @ragingloli won this thread, so I present you with something a little different.

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I’ve once tasted an amazing orange flavored coffee! Seriously, it was heavenly good, believe or not.

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