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Have you had more good or bad dates from online dating sites (okcupid,, etc)

Asked by Carly (4555points) June 22nd, 2012
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I’m using okcupid right now, and in the past week I’ve talked to a lot of really great guys, but I’ve only considered meeting one in person so far. What have your in-person experiences been like after using sites like this to meet strangers?

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In the six months that I used an online dating site, there was only one person I met. During that meeting, he told me that his second son really wasn’t his; his wife had an affair with her sister’s husband and became pregnant. They decided to stay together and raise the child as their own. The son was a teen then and still didn’t know. It felt like TMI for a first meeting, and I didn’t like knowing something that the son didn’t know.

My brother met his now wife on a dating website. A few other friends met their spouses using this format as well. It works for some.

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Two women I know met their spouses on a dating site. One got married last month and one is getting married tomorrow. It works for some.
I used another site several years ago and never met anyone that I considered meeting in person. Things have probably changed a lot since then though.
Give it a chance for at least 6 months. I hope you come back here and report how it works out for you after a few months.

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Not me, but my sister. She’s currently engaged to the only guy she went out with from

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@chyna thanks, I think I will :)

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I prefer figs, they make you regular as well.

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Been on OK Cupid for a while now and have talked many but have only actually met a very few. It just seems the men are looking to chat with you forever and not meet in person. I have been on before and eHarmony, it seemed all who you meet wanted to have sex with you immediately which isn’t for me and eHarmony just cost too much with very limited men in the area to keep active.

Good luck I hope it works better for you than it has for me so far.

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The two longest relationships I have been in both started from

I have never had a date from okcupid either. Actually I have a problem with there questions system.

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I met a woman on SFGate personals (which was also the same as personals) 6 years ago this week. We’ve been together in one way or another ever since. We were friends, and lovers, and then friends again. It’s been an unusual relationship and important in both our lives.

I am also seeing someone now from OKCupid. She is wonderful and I am hoping this is a long and happy relationship. But I’ve been through quite a few coffee dates and walks that haven’t worked out.

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Met my current girlfriend on a website and I’m happy. But it took a while of messaging people and seeing what was what.

Remember this: you will probably have a good number of first dates from a dating website. That’s just the nature of the beast. Your goal should be: 1) not too many horrible dates; 2) a number of fun first dates that maybe you don’t go back for a second date; 3) and along the way, you find someone better (if that’s what you want).

But give it a shot. I like them because I really dislike picking up girls at the “traditional” places (bars, etc…) and being on a dating website breaks that first barrier because both people know that if a conversation is initiated, its because the initiator sees a possible date in the future.

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