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Read more blogs in less time?

Asked by metadog (378points) June 29th, 2012
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Hi! I am a blog nut and use the heck out of Google Reader. I have my blogs organized by category, very neat and tidy. Unfortunately, I have A LOT of blogs in there now! Over 1200! I just can’t keep up any more. I was wondering if there was some app or site out there that might do a better job of aggregating the content, or maybe organizing the data for faster scanning? Google Reader is great, and very efficient… But it isn’t helping me feed my knowledge addiction adequately. Thoughts?

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Learn to read faster, otherwise it’s not possible. You can’t do something faster than you already are doing if it’s as fast as you can go already.

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Be more discerning. Spend some time evaluating which of your 1200 blogs are the most valuable to you and read less of them. That might allow you time to broaden your reading to material other than blogs.

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I’m going to assume most of it is crap. You are totally wasting your time and your kidneys will fail while you browse mountains of crap since you forgot to drink water…

Prune it down.. Then remove more.

I would imagine you are taking in so much info you forgot what the real world is like.

I’m not slagging you. I did the same.

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Boy would Google love you for a case study! If you already use Reader, you’re on the right track, just stick with the tool you’ve got, you’ll probably be frustrated if you keep trying to find a suitable alternative. (Learning to read faster actually isn’t a bad idea either).

As far as better aggregation of the content you want, Google’s already working hard to do that for you. My tip to you if you love all that info overload, is to meld your Google search, Reader and Google plus together.

If you’re signed in to Google, you have lots of personalization options for your search, your Google news home page, Reader – and of course it’s all integrated with your Google plus account. While G+ isn’t the ‘facebook’ it wants to be, I actually like that aspect of it. Instead of just all my friends and family, I have people in my circles with similar interests who share great stuff (and the +1 mechanic carries throughout all the Google services you use for content). Top all that off with Google’s “Google plus your world” personalized search results you get while signed in, the engine will ‘learn’ what you like – but you have to use all those resources and participate.

For you, all those services Google worked so hard on are actually perfect.

You might even think about shooting Google an email with an interest in being a tester.

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