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If you had a chance to live life all over again, would you?

Asked by silverfly (4055points) June 29th, 2012
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Given everything you know, everything you have experienced, would you choose to live life again if you could?

In this scenario, let’s just say that you would have no recollection of ever living a previous life and your new life would be random. Would you start over?

Are there variations of your choice that you would like to change? For example: would you prefer to have prior knowledge of a previous life? Would you prefer not to have a random new life?

The gist of the question is to find out if you think life is fulfilling enough, with all its mysteries, stresses, joyous moments, and drama to live it again if given the opportunity.

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My life has taken a humbling turn of late. But my children are amazing. I think the world deserves them. So, I guess I am stuck living this lifetime.

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I would live again, either with or without the recollection. For me, life is precious, every bit of it, good and bad. From the bad, we are given opportunities to grow and from the good, opportunities to experience gratitude and joy.

IIf I could choose just one bit of knowledge that I learned from this lifetime, it would be to not allow fear to regulate so much of my life for so long. I’ve lost so many opportunities because of being afraid.

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I don’t care who says it’s the best time of your life, or how rosy those glasses become. If I wanted to punish my worst enemy, I’d make him/her relive puberty and young adulthood again and again and again.

No. You couldn’t pay me enough to start over.

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Only if I’m taller, more handsome, and rich. Other than that, I like how things are now.

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Life can be very satisfactory and mine has been much more than satisfactory. I’d do it again, but I’d rather try a couple other turns than I did this time. Is that allowed?

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Yikes!!!!!!!!! No thanks, I have been more than lucky with those around me in life, especially the most beautiful parents and brother anyone could wish for. However, on the whole, I don’t like the concept of life, I would not like go back and start over.

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I’d love to have another life after I am done with this one. And I don’t need a recollection of this one, the only thing I’d like to have would be the confidence and the dedication to go for whatever opportunity arises. In other words, get out of my own way.

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That’s weird to think about, because during my entire life, it’s very hard for me to imagine having a different life or being a different person, since I’ve only ever known my own, and it’s me. My me can’t really be anything outside of me, it’s as natural as taking a dump. And I’m not drunk dammit.
Even in darker times, I never wished being in some other shoes, rather than just being somewhere else. I suppose if I had no recollection of this right here life, I could go for another, different life. I guess it’s easy to say no then, since to my immediate knowledge, the premise of the question is impossible. I’m fine where I’m at now, and if my next life were to be randomly chosen, there is many a bad deal it could get at, a thousand million times worse than what I call bullshit, that is out of what I’ve personally experienced and lived through. I’d rather have my life experience be unique, and see what’s after death. And if there’s nothing there, at least it’s probably just like sleeping forever, and sleeping kicks ass. Death better have soft pillows everywhere, at the very damn least. Cheap ass death being all absolute anshit.

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Absolutely I would. Life is like a great film. You never know what is coming up next. Sometimes what comes along isn’t so great, but at other times – it is just fantastic.

Would I want to remember this life? Perhaps – but I suspect knowing what I know now would influence my decisions too much. I would be afraid to make choices I did make this time and really, I have learned so much from by bad and good decisions. So I think I will just take a random chance and see what I get.

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With no recollection of the previous life what’s the point? It would not be living life over again, it would be just living a life.

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As you get older there is nothing lovelier than the world seen through the eyes of children or grandchildren. You have the best of both worlds, your knowledge and experience and their freshness and sense of wonder.

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I agree with @JLeslie, being reincarnated without access to prior incarnations would seem pointless. However, (assuming a lot that cannot be verified) if souls exist eternally, manifesting existence periodically, perhaps a spirit accompanies a soul that potentially evolves with each life. While the persona I recognize as me ceases with the death of my body, the spirit that my choices strengthen or weaken, depending upon whether the purpose my actions are to serve others or myself, may mature and eventually become indistinguishable from the Spirit of Creation (God).

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Not a chance. I have the best family a person could wish for. I don’t see how I could have a better life than the one I have now.

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I’m not sure. My immediate response is to say that I would, so that I could make better choices. But, if I have no recollection of the mistakes made in this life, how can I be better? I don’t think I would do things differently.

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Nope, I am good with it as it is.
If I pondered it too long, I would worry that I would royaly F up the mulligan.

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No, I would only choose to do so if I kept all my memories, so that I could make some really important changes, and still find my husband.

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Not a chance. I’m happy to continue on with my work here, but I don’t intend to come back, nor would I want to. I do enjoy life all the same :-)

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I would only live it again if I had full recollection of what would happen if I made the same choices I made this time round. There’s no way in hell I’d live it again if it’s going to be the same.

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If I could change something it would definitely be being less of a prick to my parents.

Reincarnation is seen generally as a bad thing in the cultures it originates from – an opinion I have grown to share – so unless you are offering some kind of incentive (and no, recollection of past lives wouldn’t be good either – they’d actually be painful, given how everybody from those memories would be dead and you’d be stuck as a child for the first 10 years or so) there really is no argument here. Just freaking live and let die is all I’m sayin.

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I think I would like to go back to a certain point in my current life and know what I know now, so I know to NOT make certain mistakes. I have a really bad habit of letting people walk all over me and then those relationships get all screwed up. I would like to go back and NOT let those relationships get screwed up by standing up for myself, and if they broke because I stood up for myself in the first instance, then they never should have lasted as long as they did and I can look back and feel stronger.

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@cazzie eh… wouldn’t we all?

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I don’t think I would.

Any bad choices I’ve made, I’ve made knowing the outcome and I still did them anyway.

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I’m a spiritually inclined person, and I’m actually open to this possibility being true. However, I’ll still answer no to this question. Life and growing up was difficult enough, and the negatives definitely outweighed the positives. One life was enough for me, regardless of my lack of memory from any potentially previous ones.

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