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Is there an old Fluther question you think deserves mention and a revisit?

Asked by Adagio (14057points) July 3rd, 2012
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A question from 2008 came up in my activity list today and I thought it was worth looking at again. I thought maybe other people had questions they thought worthy of mention, perhaps because they were interesting or funny or notable for some other reason.

Try this for size:

What was the first concert you went to? What’s the best concert you ever went to?

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For a good laugh, the question about Seahorse Porn.

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Funny you should ask. In June of 2011, we had some terrible storms and power was out to a large swath of the mid-section of the country. There was talk of an impending solar flare as well due to some large sun spots. And I asked, What will happen to US Nuclear Power Plants when a massive solar flare burns out the entire US electrical power grid?.

Well, June of 2012 arrives and the storms we get make 2011 look like a minor event. Over 3 million people, including almost the entire state of West Virginia were left without power. Temperatures were soaring to 110 °F (43.33 °C). People were in serious jeopardy of dying from the heat. Millions of refrigerators in homes and thousands in stores warmed till all in them spoiled. 3 million with no power and 3 million construction workers out of work. Why not now to build an underground, EMP hardened smart grid? Not all at once, but where wires are down, upgrade to something this doesn’t keep happening to. I wondered if I could re-post the question so soon. And then you asked this. Thanks.

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@ETpro It sounds like a dire situation that’s for sure, I hope it is a catalyst for giant changes, unfortunately governments don’t always heed warning signs, even the obvious ones, maybe this time will be different. For someone reliant on electricity for medical equipment, the idea of being without power for an extended period of time is particularly disturbing.
Years ago I lived for 5½ years without power, those were the days, wood range, outside bath with a fire underneath, candles and kerosene lanterns, I absolutely loved it.

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@Adagio The way things are heading, it would be a good idea to gather the wherewithal to do that again.

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@ETpro Living in West Virginia as I do, I can attest that it was awful. I was without power from Friday night until this morning! We lost all our food. :(

If you haven’t seen them, check out the CIA question and the Frizzer.

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I will never forget this question from 2009, What. The. Hell. Is. This

good times

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@augustlan Love the CIA thread because it’s so [REDACTED].

@jonsblond Too bad the Zombies got @electricsky.

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Hahaha, in the same vein as @jonsblond‘s unsolved mystery, I still want to know wtf was going on with this girl and the mysterious night-tree.

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This question about a guy that sends a girl cakes, randomly, that he only met once. It is my all time favorite.

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@chyna OK. I surrender. That one definitely takes the cake!

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@chyna I just read the whole thing, that’s amazing.

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I love the cake and frizzer questions, but I think my favorite was (NSFW) Vagina Nose!

And I have to admit that I thought my calming down after murder question was pretty funny. I know, I know, I shouldn’t use my own question, but I like it, dammit!

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And no one has listed the most romantic question ever posted on Fluther yet? Here it is. 189 GQs so far….

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There is, but it’s [REDACTED].

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@Mariah: I love that tree question.

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