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Help with weight loss?

Asked by kb12345 (435points) July 5th, 2012
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Okay- so I know this is going to be very broad. I am just looking to lose anywhere between 5–10lbs. I go to the gym daily and eat pretty heathy (lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grain and stay away from bagels, pastas etc.) with an exception of ice cream here and there. I want to just slim down basically nothing dramatic. I am not sure if I’m doing the right things at the gym or what. Any help/tips/secrets from your success of weight loss? Or even just a little help of foods/diets/workouts I should be doing for just 5–10 lbs weight loss? Thank you so much everyone!!

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No sugar, no starch and NO Exceptions. Two weeks max, you will lose 10 pounds. No honey, no ice cream, no breads and NO fruits. Veggies and proteins and lots of water.

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@tropical Willie Ive been eating so much fruit?! bad thing??

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Sugar is converted to FAT. if you have too much, you gain not lose weight ! !
Any carb is bad if you are trying to lose weight. Ice cream is double bad.

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Hmm. So as a guy who lost 50 pounds over half a year and eats tons of fruit (and other considerably less healthy things) on a regular basis, that advice is incredibly simplistic. Also, a recipe for yo-yoing which can be harmful to your body (seriously, cutting all carbohydrates, which by the way is the only form of energy used by your brain, is unsustainable). Also, I was on the South Beach Diet, which has a very similar ‘No carbs” segment for a while a long time ago. Didn’t do a damned thing. I may have lost five pounds over a few months, and i bounced right back after. This isn’t to say it can’t work, but acting like that’s the magic bullet is silly.

Also, vegetables have carbs. As do meats, though less. Also also, all forms of energy are converted to FAT depending you body’s needs. Especially all those fats you’d consume on a no-carb diet. It’s your body’s general energy storage mechanism.

As to my advice to you, @kb12345, I’d recommend getting far more specific advice. If you don’t want to end up yoyoing, you’ll need advice tailored to you. We have no idea what your specific diet is, how many calories you consume, what your current workout is like, what your metabolism is like, or your current body is like. Losing 5–10 lbs is a heck of a lot easier at 300 lbs then at 90. And considerably more healthy. I can say that my current diet and exercise looks much like what you’ve given us (my exercise is very regimented, as it’s my 5 mile bike ride back and forth from work every day, so i can give you that), and a diet that’s lower in carbs then I used to eat but still quite a few, lots of whole grains and low-fat meats (no less then 93% beef, lots of chicken, etc). But beyond that I can’t really say more without knowing a lot more. I would suggest talking to someone in person who’s more knowledgeable and knows your details. A doctor would be good, both for initial ideas and/or to give a recommendation for who else to talk to.

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@kb12345 – how long have you been going to the gym? Have you been losing weight?

On a basic level if you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. There are some great calorie trackers out there you can do online, or on your smartphone if you have one. Tracking what goes in has been the most successful small thing for me.

@Tropical_Willie – what exactly do you think veggies are made of that make them different than fruit?

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@funkdaddy I don’t think I have been losing any weight at all, I feel more that I have been toning up or even building more muscle which is what I didn’t really want to do!

@BhacSsylan Thank you so much for all that info!! If I knew all that about my intake of calories and such I would tell you but I don’t! Thank you again for all that info!

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Weight loss is 90% diet and 10% exercise. It is math. Expend more calories than you consume. I lost 80 lbs in 2003 and have kept most of it off since then

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@funkdaddy Fruits and sugar are simple carbs, veggies are complex carbs and a lot of the Calories are fiber based, not easily used by the human body.
Count your Calories, 3500 Calories is about one pound of fat. Your body ( if you weight 165 pounds ) uses about 1650 Calories daily without exercise. Exercise will add additional Calories.
So if you burn 2500 Calories but only eat 2000 Calories a day after 7 days could lose one pound.

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Peristance! Nothing short of amputation works right away.
A calorie tracking website (I recommend my fitness pal) is a good resource, as it will help you to set up a goal and maintain your progress towards it.

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No fruit is bad advice. Better advice would be choosing fruit which are high in fibers. Apples are good, for example, because the extend the time before you feel hungry again.

100% fruit juice no sugar added should be mixed with water, for example 1/5 juice and 4/5 water or even 1/10 fruit juice.

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If you really want to lose it fast, I hear fasting every other day works.

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Losing weight fast usually accomplishes nothing, because people regain that weight. Losing weight more slowly accompanied by making diet changes a permanent habit is more effective. The key is to fill up the stomach with solid food that has few calories i.e. some carbs, fat and protein plus plenty of fiber. That will signal the brain that you are no longer hungry. So it’s all about volume of solid food.

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I have to recommend yoga, yoga, yoga! (I am a fanatic). It is so beneficial to your body not just in burning fat and dropping pounds, but also strengthening, toning, energizing, stretching, and it’s great for your stress level too! There are some really good routines that you can do specifically for weight loss, check out these 5 postures for dropping pounds. Good luck!

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Great but you should put some additional efforts on your exercise program and make your effective diet plan and strictly follow it. If you heard about Yoga and Meditation forms then you should regular do this forms. I hope this one definitely helps in your case.

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