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Is it normal I haven't kissed a boy yet?

Asked by beth09506 (47points) July 9th, 2012
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I am 15 and haven’t kissed a boy yet. I want to know if that is normal and okay to not have kissed a boy or done something yet?

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It is absolutely normal. Welcome to Fluther!

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Sure. You just haven’t been ready or found the right person yet.

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thanks guys! :)

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Yes, absolutely, I didn’t really kiss a girl until I was 17.

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Perfectly normal. You just haven’t found the right boy to kiss yet. =0)

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Better than normal, imho. Just think.. some girls your age are pregnant and wishing they weren’t. I don’t mean to be blunt but.. there’s nothing wrong with being adult about such things.

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Being a slut is normal these days, so while you do fall into the abnormal group, believe me when I say, that you are exactly where you want to be. Focus on school, focus on your friends, boys will get you nowhere in life.

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Why are you worrying about what is normal?
Normal means what the majority of people fall under according to a statistical bell curve. As little as 20–30 years ago, gays were not considered ‘normal’ in the U.S. because such behavior was not ‘statistically significant’. And the way medical science dictates, anything that is not ‘statistically significant’ is deviant and RONG. eff that noise.
Why do you need to be like the textbook ‘normal’ human being? Such ideas only make you fuel capitalism.
I didn’t kiss a boy til I was 21.

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I was thirteen when I received, well before I was ready, my first kiss. If memory holds, it was similar to chewing on a rubber glove.

Time passed and I was delightedly surprises with the second kiss, from someone else.

“Normal” is a word used in statistics and has no connection to your reality.

Don’t fret; don’t compare yourself to what some of your classmates are doing or what they tell you their behavior is, and don’t try to be someone you are not.

The lesbian porn films are shoddy and misleading; don’t spend too much time on them. Seen one, seen em all.

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Very normal at that age.

I’m a boy, but I didn’t kiss a girl until 16.

Many people I know didn’t kiss anyone until college or their early 20’s.

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It is absolutely normal and a very good choice.

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It is indeed normal :-)

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I am 25 and have never kissed a boy(well unless daycare counts) or even had a boyfriend. So if it’s not normal at 15 I’m absolutely pathetic. XP
You are still very young and fresh, you have plenty of time for not only your first kiss but to find ‘the one’.

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I wish my first kiss (at 16) hadn’t been the first. I was very uncomfortable and it wasn’t in the least romantic. Actually, that wasn’t the first. When I was 11, Ricky Peterson kissed me on the cheek. That was at least sweet.

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I was 16

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I didn’t kiss anyone until I was just about out of college. There’s no rush.

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Don’t rush yourself, when you are ready to kiss someone and they are ready to kiss you it will happen. I know at 15 you feel so adult like but really your still just coming into your teenage years and have plenty of time to kiss people in your life.

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Hahahaha, 15!? Sorry for laughing. Dude, I thought you were going to say you were 20+ and hadn’t kissed yet. At 15 it is so incredibly normal.

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Heck. I’m 48 and I haven’t kissed a boy either.

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Haha, I didn’t kiss a boy first until I was 17, and it was worth the wait. :)

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