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Have you supported a local charity with money or your time? And who was it?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (29166points) July 11th, 2012
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We support several soup kitchens and shelters for both people and animals. We volunteer time and donate money. Who do you support and is it money or time or… ?

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I often go to the neighborhood car washes held by school clubs and other charities.

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I make small donations to the local Humane Society, our public library (badly underfunded) and the local land conservancy. I volunteer at the film club and the historical society.

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Unfortunately, I travel too often and have great difficulty scheduling my time so I seldom do charitable work. A few years ago I was very active in the Rotary club. I spent many hours talking up donors and working on projects. By the time I finished my term as President, we raised and donated at least 6 times more money than we ever had and started a number of standing projects like college scholarships.

When I started my term, I promised to donate everything in our treasury to local and international charitable work. I am proud to say “we spent it all” and found ways to get much more to fund our charity work.

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I help out on the hotline for the rape crisis center, and do some stuff for one of the oral history associations. I also donated my car to the local radio station when it was time for it to go to car heaven.

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I have donated time and money to many different charities over the years. At the moment I donate to well digging to provide clean water for all and locally I groom dogs at the RSPCA hoping that will give them a better chance to be adopted. I also donate food to assorted animal rescue groups.

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We volunteer with the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, and participate in fundraising events for the two local ASPCAs.

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I’ve worked with both Christian-based soup kitchens (that served food to everyone regardless of religion) and local chapters of Food Not Bombs (that serves rescued vegetarian food to everyone).

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Money: Opera; Symphony; 3 art museums; Save the Children Foundation; UNICEF.
Money and time: LWV; local musical theater; local art museum; local chorale

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