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Is it a blessing?

Asked by rojo (24179points) July 27th, 2012
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So, you wake up tomorrow morning with some ethereal being standing at the foot of your bed. As you try to figure out if you are awake or asleep you here a voice saying “Your deeds have been noted and your lifespan has now been increased. You will live for three hundred additional years”. You open your eyes and the visitor is gone.
Given your present age and state, were you just blessed? Or cursed?

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Curse like no other, I would like to rip that ethereal being into shreds!!!!!!

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Is a financial blessing included with these extra years?

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’m gonna take the easy way our and say, it is what you make of the extra years. Even at todays interest rates you should be able to save something in 300 years.

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I would be ever so grateful.

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If I wake up to an “ethereal being” at the foot of my bed sometime, I’ll pretty much figure I’ve reached the useful end of my mind, anyway. I wouldn’t expect (nor particularly want) another two or three hundred years in this body.

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I was just dreaming.
I would also not prefer to live for another 300 years, so, I’m going with curse.

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A curse, unless the ethereal being was going to provide a full retirement, no.
I can’t afford to live that long. lol

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Definitely a curse. I’m very afraid of where humanity is headed. It scares me.

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Only if the people I love will be coming along with me for the ride. Imagine everyone else popping their clogs at the normal age limit and you keep going along. Also, would my health be wonderful (physical and mental) for the 300 years? Could be a blessing or a curse. I am leaning towards curse though.

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I would be happy to try to deal with such a deal with an open mind.

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I couldn’t imagine having to say good bye to all my love ones. It would make me bitter, so I would have to say cursed.I would ask if I could split those years evenly with all those I love and the people they love. Then it would be a blessing

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To outlive your own children is to be cursed.

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A curse, since life has been difficult enough for me. I have a dualist view of our existence (seriously), so unfortunately I believe that we’ll live much longer than a few hundred years, but on the other side.

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If I wake up and see an ethereal being at the foot of my bed… my life would end on the spot!

Pretty much that would be a curse.

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