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What is the biggest stressor in your life right now?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) August 2nd, 2012
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For me, it’s money. Tuition is sucking the life out of me.

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My internship, as well as the quickly approaching date on which I have to leave for college.

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Dealing with the hospital where I was treated for my accident. Or, it is this one particular woman who sucks major, and her staff will not transfer me to her boss. I just wrote a letter to the CEO of the hospital that I am editing now. I am so incredibly angry and upset about this. I thought about letting the whole thing drop to save my sanity, but it won’t work at this point because I can’t let this woman get away with it. She has been completely incompetent and tortured me. She should have passed me to her boss a long time ago, because we obviously have terrible rapport and I am completely unhappy. I don’t know if she and her staff are trying to protect her or what? But, by blocking me from talking to someone with more experience and knowledge she has made it much much worse.

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^^Why not hire a local lawyer to draft a letter on his stationery and remove some of the stress from your life?

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I think right now the heat is my biggest stressor. Heat and mosquitoes. They make it difficult to garden without being very uncomfortable. But I need to garden, so I sweat and itch like a vagrant.

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My health. Fortunately my particular medical problem does not cause me any pain or make me feel actually ill. It’s just frustrating and worrying and a big hassle to deal with every day.

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It’s a toss up between money and my own health. Both tend to cause me a lot of excessive worrying. But, I guess those are pretty typical. Yay, life.

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My ex-husband.

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Trying to figure out what the fuck I am doing.

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Money, or lack thereof, and all the problems that stem from it. Sigh…

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Finishing my A-levels (last schoolyear coming up) and moving into my first own apartment..

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Money! Gah!

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For me, direction. No goal on earth seems to satisfy me.
I’m lost and I think I will probably continue being an observer of the world.

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My health, some long simmering undiagnosed malady that’s been wrecking havoc in small unseemingly connected ways. To learn I could have been feeling so much better as far back as 20 years ago makes me angry but it is what it is and at least it’s treatable.

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Money and uncertainty. Health is third runner up.

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Money. I was smug about not feeling the repercussions of this economy until about 18 months ago. Yep, scary…my work is incredibly slow and my savings is getting frightfully low. Oh well….hanging in there and hoping for the best.

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Money. My research scholarship only covered about ⅓ of the costs of my trip and I’ve been eating one or two meals a day for the past few weeks. And if the people at my hostel don’t give me my security deposit back (equivalent to one month’s rent), I am going to be seriously SOL when I get home.

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Definitely finances. In the near future I will be taking the leap from secure job with a monthly wage, to the job of my dreams with zero security.

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Things are pretty okay these days. As usual, my health is the biggest stressor, but it’s way less terrible than in the past, so I guess that means things are moving in the right direction. I’m not in pain or disabled at all, I just have a rather embarrassing issue at the moment. I’m on medication for it, and it’s either not getting better or it’s getting better at a glacial rate, it’s hard to tell. There’s a lot of uncertainty because if the medication doesn’t work, my choices are either heavier medication, which I really don’t want, or permanent ileostomy, which I really don’t want. I’m pretty good at not dwelling these days though.

Besides that, life is pretty grand. College starts back up soon and I’m really excited for the upcoming year. My family just moved house and we’re having fun exploring a new area. I have a relationship with a really great boy who I’m excited to see again when we go back to school.

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My man. He’s totally being a bitch right now. I swear to all that is holy, I will be the best old lady ever (assuming I will ever, ever do this again) to the next guy. No more “You aren’t paying enough attention to me” or “you have no feelings, do you?” or “are you even LISTENING?!” from me I promise.

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Wow, I just found out upon returning home that there is a mysterious $200 “miscellaneous credit” on my rent account… It sure would have been nice to know that when I paid my rent from overseas last week… But the good news is, I don’t have to buy groceries for a few weeks because I have plenty of stocks back home!

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Working at a job that I had to take, which is beneath my skill level, doesn’t allow my strong points to manifest, and where others have alot of power to make my life a living hell. I’m trying to make a move though, and the resumes are out there. Why did I answer this, now I’m depressed.

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At work taking on responsibility that my Sr Director formerly was responsible for. Needless to say, he can’t stay out of the weeds.

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Glad to say I’m not stressing about money any more. I mortgaged my future for student loans. But they are helping a lot, and I learned how to live much more cheaply in the past year.

Now I’m mostly stressed about time. What’s the name of that miracle where saints can be in two places at once? I really wish I could do that!

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