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If Scotland becomes independent will the Shetland Islands return to Norway?

Asked by basstrom188 (3900points) August 4th, 2012
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There is evidence admittedly dated, that the Shetland Islanders are not too keen on the European Union and only remain part of Scotland as long that country remains part of the United Kingdom. If the the UK were to break up and Scotland becomes independent would the inhabitants of the Shetlands elect to return to Norway?
The Shetlands were given to the King of Scotland by the king of Norway as part of a dowry in the middle ages. Norway is not a member state of the EU.

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The Statute of Limitations ran out on that deal a long time ago.

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I think the Shetlands will always be a part of Scotland now.

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Of course they will. After all the Shelties (or whatever they are called) have been studiously keeping up on their Norwegian.

True fact.~

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What functional difference does it make if they’re part of only Scotland or a wider UK? The Scottish economy is pretty modern and sophisticated, and depends heavily on finance and R&D, so I’d be rather surprised if anyone saw a benefit to leaving the EU even if Scotland did leave the UK. As such, Shetland residents would probably get most of the benefits of being part of the UK by being in the EU.

Scotland is far from being Greece, and has too many advantages from being able to peddle its service/advanced manufacturing economy to the common market.

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No, Glasgow will become independent from Scotland and turn into a free city.

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Scotland will leave the United Kingdom at about the same time as Quebec leaves the Canadian confederation. There are just too many advantages belonging to a larger organization plus you have the added benefit of bitching about the government in London, or Ottawa and blaming them for everything that’s going wrong in your part of the world.

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