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I cannot housetrain my 8 month puppy. How can I do this?

So I guess a little back story first. When we first got him we kept him in an exercise pen with a bed and a potty pad. When inside the pen he would consistantly pee on the potty pad but would usually poop right next to the pad. Eventually we decided it was time to get rid of exercise pen so we crate trained him and moved his potty pad in the living room so we could keep an eye on him (even sectioned him off in living room). He acts like he has no idea what the potty pad is and won’t use it. He usually will potty on otherside of room. We disrupt him and move him to potty pad and tell him “go potty”. He refuses to use the pad for some reason now. Ultimately we would like to get him to go potty outside. It is beyond frustrating because we are making no progress with this dog and are border line about ready to get rid of him. I really don’t want to. He is an Italian greyhound if that info in needed.

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