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Do guys tend to pay a lot of attention to the nose of a woman?

Asked by minnie19 (435points) August 4th, 2012
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Megan Fox, before the surgery, didn’t have the best nose ever. It was not tiny, and it had a hump. But guys still thought she was incredibly stunning.
Penelope Cruz doesn’t have the cutest tiny nose in the world, but guys also go crazy for her exotic look.
So, do guys actually pay any attention to the nose, or do they pay more attention to the other features, like the eyes?

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I like a gal with a big schnopper.


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It is really a combination of all the features that is important.
Someone once pointed out that Clark Gable had ridiculous ears, a horrible nose, horrible lips, eyes and chin, yet when they are all put together, women walk out of theaters funny.
I have been serious while dating women who had noses with humps. It is not a deal breaker with me.

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My wife has a button nose, but I also like a nice “Roman nose” on a woman.

Leah Michelle from Glee for example.

It can be striking on the right face. As @filmfann said, it’s really about the combination of features.

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Speaking for myself, I don’t pay much attention at all to noses unless they stand out. And even if they stand out, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Being noticeable is not the same as being ugly. A noticeable nose might be striking rather than off-putting.

I can tell the difference between Megan Fox’s old nose and her new nose if I look carefully, but neither stands out to me. The same goes for Penelope Cruz: I can see what you’re talking about if I try, but I have to look for it to notice.

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I think they pay more attention to the scent of a woman than the nose but I also think you can’t generalize about what “guys” pay attention to.

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I realized when I was in my twenties that distinctive noses were common to the women I was the most interested in. I think it was some kind of “flaw” that set off their beauty, perhaps something that kept them from being too full of themselves, that added a touch of humility to an incredibly hot woman.

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Guys pay a lot of attention to the left lower earlobe of a woman. That and the 2nd knuckle on the right hand. That sh*t can be a deal breaker.

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I would do if I didn’t get so distracted.

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I pay close attention to the eyes, right after i’ve ogled her tits, obviously.

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Did someone say “boobs”? Yes, I pay attention to her boobs.

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Ask Meryl and Barbra if having their facial features examined under a magnifying glass with an arbitrary standard affected the world’s view of them as great beauties.

If a guy showed up on my doorstep with a pair of calipers and a list of “should be’s,” would I invite him in? Guess.

(Who’s Megan Fox? What percentage of adult males in the world think about her nose?)

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@gailcalled So you’re saying personality is the only thing that’s important? Or talent? Or charisma?

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I notice noses, but I like women with interesting features. I think Penelope Cruz has a beautiful nose. I think it would be a crime to surgically alter it. I really couldn’t care less about what the media tells me is the ideal nose. If all women conformed themselves to this ridiculous vision of beauty they’d end up looking like porn stars (which I find freakishly unattractive).

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They say most men are more about the body than the face. One friend said to me one night in a bar while wanting to pick up a chick, but telling me no one there was worth it, “her body has to look ok if there is some light in the room.” As far as face, if they have great hair, and put themselves together well with make-up, that pretty much qualifies for pretty in most men’s eyes I think. Pretty enough, as long as the T&A is good anyway.

A larger nose I think can look more exotic or ethnic, depending on the other features of the face and skin, which many people find attractive, more interesting.

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@MInnie; No, I did not say that. Perhaps you might actually paraphrase what I did write.

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Piggish noses are a little hard to ignore. I also met an attractive woman with kind of a large-nostriled (ovalish) nose that reminded me of my grandpa’s. It wasn’t too detracting, just noticeable.

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Guys have told me pretty much what @JLeslie wrote above. That and large defined noses don’t appear as unattractive to them as bulbous or asymetrical ones.

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I’ll admit it. I check out a girl’s body first, then her face. If she looks like a model, then I’ll stare at her for a few seconds and, well, that’s that.

I don’t meet girls by looks. Never have. Never will. I meet them doing things, and when it’s the internet, I get to know her first by what she writes (presumably a product of her thinking) and only under extraordinary circumstances, might that lead to a situation where her actual looks matter.

I think that for most men, looks matter in an evolutionary way. That is, they give us the unconscious cues we pick up about whether a woman is suitable to bear our babies. If she turns us on, that’s great. But I don’t know how many men actually go after a woman for her looks. And the kind of man that does that is not one I would want my daughter to date.

So if you are so worried about your nose or eyes or whatever, I say stop. It’s not worth the bother. You will not find a mate based on your nose. Look good if you want, but don’t do it for men. It’s not worth it, and it won’t find you the right man.

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I am unsure what you mean by “pay a lot of attention”?
Is that like paying attention to certainy body parts during foreplay?
Is it like a nose fetish?

I personally pay attention to her.

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@tom_g I currently have a healing scar on my 2nd knuckle on my right hand… would you go out with me?

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I pay more attention to the thumbs. I think Ms. Fox should have put her focus there instead of her nose but, that’s just me.

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I don’t pay much attention to a woman’s nose unless she starts sticking it in my business. Then even the prettiest pert nose can be a real irritation. I think you nose what I mean. :-)

Most of us guys who aren’t complete Neanderthals will try to claim we just care about the person. And truth told, if you are going to spend a long time joined at the hip to another human being and you want that to be quality time, you darned well better pay attention to their personality first and foremost. But we all—men and women alike, do look at some faces and see beauty while others look anywhere from plain to just plain ugly. Research shows that the symmetry of the face, and the measurements between its features are what drive this determination. Scientists theorize that we used such visual cues in out ancient past to select the healthiest, least deformed potential mate in order to ensure our DNA got passed on to successive generations.

So wrinkles aside, I’ve got a very symmetrical face with just the right proportions. Would anybody go out with me… please.

Just kidding, I have my mate.

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I think I scared @tom_g off…

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I tend to pay a lot of attention to what a woman is saying.

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Like all of these types of do guys/girls types of questions I can only speak for myself, not other guys. I actually look at a women’s face and eyes before her body, since I like to know what they look like before anything else, I also tend to do this to look for signs of personability, certain facial expressions, demeanor, etc.

I do notice the nose very quickly as a result, but it is up for grabs as far as what kind of nose that I prefer. It depends on how they ‘wear’ it, and since there are so many variables on which type of nose that I would find appealing I can’t give a straight yes or no answer here. I have no certain preferences really when it comes to a woman’s nose, or any other type of body part as well. There are other things that I look for besides looks.

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