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I'm a bit nervous about starting college tomorrow. Any advice?

Hello there, I’m really nervous about college. I’m 20 years old and already living on my own with my boyfriend so I won’t be going to a campus or a dorm. I work full time as a PCA (personal care assistant).

I’m worried I won’t beable to balance school and work at the same time. I’m also scared because I keep thinking “what if I’m not smart enough?!” Its been 3 years since I’ve attended high school.and what if I don’t adapt to my new schedule easy?
I’m doing part time so my schedule is
Monday 630 -8:30
Tuesday 8–12:30
Thursday 8–12:30.
I’m so worried and the first person in my family to go. Maybe I’m thinking to negatively? I’m just so nervous!

I appreciate any goods advice.

PS. Its for human services

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