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Why are they called cubs instead of kittens?

Asked by charcoalwasp (101points) September 5th, 2012
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Cat babies are called kittens but lion and tiger bies are called cub, why is this if they are both essentially cats?

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I would assume the differentiation is because one is a wild animal whereas the other is domesticated.

It could also be for the random reasons that we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway.

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I would think it is simply to identify a species. We do the same thing with large animal groupings. Like a gaggle, herd, colony, a flock, an army, or a crowd.

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Yea I never quite understood that one either. When I think cub, I think bear.

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Chicago Kittens? Nah, sounds bloody terrible.
I genuinely think it’s just because cubs sounds cuter, yes i’m a genius I know.

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Most of the words for baby animals came long before scientific taxonomy existed. Foxes are kits (like kittens) and they are more closely related to dogs than cats. Rats and seals are pups—who knows why?

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Somebody made an arbitrary decision and it stuck.
When I think cub, I think Boy Scouts. After I think bear.

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