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Do you think I'm a fairly good photographer for a thirteen year old?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) September 18th, 2012
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I’m 13 and my passion is photography. I have a Nikon Coolpix L120 right now and it’s my baby. I take a lot of nature macros mostly because that’s really all I have to shoot. I have an account on a website called View bug where I put my best photos and can enter them in contests and things. So, if you would please look at my pictures and give me some constructive criticism it would be greatly appreciated! Here is the link to my View bug account:

Thank you!

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Oh yes! Those are spectacular!

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I can’t give you constructive criticism. I loved all your pictures.

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You are doing great! Nice work. Follow your dreams.

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Keep up the beautiful work. :) Find what subjects you’re drawn to or what you want to experiment more with. It will keep your passion alive and make you a success.

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You want criticism? Dude, why, these are excellent! You sure got some great skills and talent.

Photography, I know nothing of it, so I couldn’t criticize anyway, but seriously these are awesome.

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Very nice work!
I love macro shots!
My daughter has the greatest one ever of a Preying Mantis, it’s Nat. Geo, quality as are your shots.
Your work is good enough to maybe start doing some portraiture work for friends, family, neighbors too if that interests you.

You can also build a blind and try photographing birds and other wildlife.
This used to be my thing, I’d sit in the weeds for hours in my little camo. tent. lol
Very challenging but so cool when you get your shot! :-)
Keep building your portfolio!

Best wishes!

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You are so talented.

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Oh, man. I love the Heron.

You’re wonderfully talented. Keep it up!

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you show a lot of promise

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I missed the Heron! Bah!

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I particularly liked “Martin Creek & zoo 052”. It had good light, line, and motion.

I hope you’re taking classes. They can really help you make that leap from amateur to professional.

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Beautiful photos. You have a really good eye. I liked the ‘take off belongs to animals’ too.

If I have to give you anything to improve it would be the horizon on some of your landscapes. If you could straighten that up. It was a little distracting that it was on an angle. Tiny thing though and really just my take. I say this only because I know when I want someone to critique my work, I hope for some advice on how I could improve.

Keep taking photos. Are you going to study photography professionally?

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I like them. Keep working at it.

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You have a good eye for beauty. You place your focus just so, a lot of people are not so careful. Your control of exposure (or desktop ‘correction’) is lovely although IMHO a little darker than it needs to be. You express quite a bit of serenity in your work.

Looks like you have a very rewarding skill developing, whether or not you do it professionally.

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Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing.

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Great shots. You obviously have talent worth developing There are still things to learn, as I’m sure you know. I’d suggest a course which discusses composition, lighting, color and technique, as well as stuff I know nothing about in the field of photography. Some of it will simply legitimize what you already know. Some will be new, but I think you would enjoy it.

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You sure you’re just 13? Lol. Those were beautiful pictures. I love the snail! Tell us once National Geographic publishes something of yours. : )

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Your style is so innocent and charming. I feel like I’m looking through the eyes of a wanderer. I love them. With that being said, go out and do your thing. Don’t seek recognition or care about what others think so much. (It’s natural to care what others think, what I mean to say is, don’t let it over run your thoughts and natural abilities)

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This would be a good time to point out that there is a Fluther 2011 album on Photobucket where you could post photos of your own lovely face (and other jelly-related stuff; we seem to have picked up a slew of jellyfish photos lately).

Otherwise, I quite liked the photos.

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The San Jacinto monument and the battleship Texas! Gosh, that brings me back to my childhood!

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@Bellatrix it would be nice to but I’m only 13 so I really have no idea what I will study.

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If it’s your passion, you can start to build a portfolio, enter photography competitions and the like. Photography is not limited by your age. Talk to your local newspaper – see if they would accept photos you take of local events.

If there is a photographic group in your area, see if your parents will let you join. When you are old enough to get a part time job, check out your local photographic shop so you can meet local photographers and share notes.

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Very nice thanks for sharing.

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You are already an extremely talented photographer. Your work is beautiful. You have a good eye for composition and lighting. I especially loved the dandelion heads.

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