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What kinds of jobs would need an equal balance of left and right-brained qualities in one person?

Asked by Carly (4555points) September 27th, 2012
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Are there any jobs you can think of that require both, equally? I’m sure most jobs require some combination of both, but I’m looking for ideas that would heavily engage both sides of the way I can think, in a balanced amount.

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Being a writer with deadlines. lol
I am a 48/52 near perfect split between left and right brained but right still trumps a bit. I like any work environment that affords creative freedom and problem solving opportunities without micromanaging. I simply do NOT do micromanaging, at all. haha

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Architect? A creative one, like Gehry, Wright, Fuller, Pei, or Meier. Not the cookie cutter kind. I would imagine it would require a good mix of art and engineering. There’s some really, really crazy shit going on in Dubai right now. It’s amazing.

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I loved being a Cosmetic Buyer. Buying requires a lot of analytical skills, lots of math, understanding of business principles, stock turnover, gross margin, forecasting, planning. But, it is also social, meeting with the vendors, attending launch parties for new fragrances, the design of the bottles, the artwork, the stories behind some of the fragrances. I really enjoyed it.

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First thing that occurred to me was architect too. And I would also add a software developer.

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Inventor, Scientist.

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Digital artistry, Cosmetic surgery.

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Page designers/copy editors in newspapers. I have often said that it made no sense to combine the two jobs because they call on such different skill sets.

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Web developer, if one person decided to do everything him/herself: design/programming, copy writing/webserver admin, etc.

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Pretty much all business owners have to use both, no matter how artsy or social the business is.

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Web Design, Graphic Design and Product Design take strong creative skills and technical / mathematical training as well.

I have friends who went to school to be Industrial Designers (for products, packaging, cars, toys) and they were all combinations of both engineering / artistic types..very left AND right brain folks. An excellent article on good programs to study Design at is here.

And, I agree with what @JLeslie says – every job I’ve had after college required both creativity and logic/ nearly any white collar job would require both right and left brain.

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