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I got a new laptop, now I can see previous searches on Google?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) September 30th, 2012
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So I finally got that MacBook Pro, (YAY! :D) and I LOVE it. But something is weird. Before this laptop, I used my mom’s laptop a lot. And there are certain things I searched on Google that I KNOW it’s only me looking it up. (like and research about the Culinary Institute of America) But for some reason when I go on Google on my new laptop, in the form history it will show previous things I looked up on Google on my mom’s computer. Why did that information transfer to my new laptop?

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Your router IP is saved, so they show up as already visited.

Or, the government is watching you with a satellite.

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So does that mean my searches on the new one will transfer onto my mom’s laptop?

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I can see my searches on my phone on my computer and vice versa; no shared IP address. The culprit in my case is that I’m logged onto my google account on both. Could this be the case for you?

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No but if she searches the same thing, they might show up.

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That’s because Big Brother is WATCHING YOU!!
Seriously…..If you have a Google account (Google+, Gmail) and you do not sign out you automatically stay signed in whenever you use the Google search engine that’s how your previous search history is showing up in your new laptop.

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You might find some relevant information here… though I admit I am sometimes perplexed by Google’s terminology. For example, I thought pausing Web History (see link) would prevent Google from recording that history. Just now, I learned that it only means that Google won’t use your history to tailor search results. So, I guess “signing out” of Web History would keep them from recording your history? But I’m not sure I trust that now. Anyway, the steps are detailed here for either approach.

Then again, you might want to switch to a less intrusive search provider, like Duck Duck Go, which doesn’t keep search history – as a matter of principle.

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Are you signed into Gmail? Stuff like searches are tied to your Google account and not your computer.

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Like @Mariah and @jerv said, it could be due to being signed in to Google. I can look at my history on any of the computers in our house and my cell phone when I log in to Google.

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YES. I’m signed into Google on both computers. Phew, thanks for helping me out everyone! I was getting kind of freaked out.

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Something similar is happening between my computer and my daughter’s tablet; but we live in separate houses and her tablet has never been wired to mine. One night I googled “XXX”, the name of my boss, whom I’ve pissed off by threatening to bring in the authorities over work safe issues, and the next morning when my daughter turned on her computer, my search showed up on her google browser. We both have gmail but have not used those addresses in a year. Another strange thing is that my co-worker’s g
mail account has been hacked: The only files that are missing are our private correspondence, in which we discussed how the company we work for is corrupt. Am I paranoid, or is something going on?

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