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Anyone recognize the lamp from this commercial?

Asked by Nimis (13255points) October 6th, 2012
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I’m kind of digging the floor lamp in this commercial
Sorry. Not the beet video quality. Best I could find.

In the first scene where the girl is on the phone and her friend walks in.
It’s the floor lamp by the window.

Anyone recognize it?

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Here is something similar. Just google Tripod Floor Lamp and you will see an variety of choices at a number of price points.

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It’s similar to this one, which is no longer available, sadly. I got several hits when I googled “surveyors floor lamp wood”. Here’s a similar base with a different shade style.

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One gets the range of choices by putting in tripod floor lamp.

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@augustlan Here is virtually the same lamp from JCPenneys for only $130.

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At amazon .com here. Looks like a giant transistor!

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Thanks for looking around, guys!

Though I do know what type of floor lamp that is. I’m more so curious about that specific one.

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