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How can I know if a boy is into me?

Asked by naujda095 (31points) October 6th, 2012
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I like a guy, and I think he likes me but I’m not sure. I’m gay and do not know how to approach him to see if he shares this sexual preference.

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Why not ask him?

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Ask him to go out for coffee or a soda or whatever. Talk to him. Get to know him.

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@naujda095, welcome to Fluther. I happen to be gay, too, and I’ve faced your conundrum. There’s little you can do other than asking him outright, which can leave you open to hurtful rejection, or asking friends about him, which will bring your crush out into the open, or asking him to meet for a soda, or simply watching him from afar.

I don’t know how old you are or if you’re out, but what you’re going through is something all gays experience. All people experience it actually. You’re not alone. Learning the ropes of making new friendships and romantic relationships is part of maturing.

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You could try to hang out with his female friends for a bit, see what they know. He may have told them stuff that he would not tell the guys.

If you look down and see 4 balls between your legs he is in to you.

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Hang out, get to know him and most importantly take that dive and ask him! It may be a rejection but don’t worry about if that does happen. Since rejection you can’t avoid, it’ll happen at some points and majority of the time (How I see it) In dating/relationships. See how it goes though! Don’t be too scared or else you may never know! Maybe something will happen in the future with you two. Good luck to you!! :)

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See if you can get a discussion going and bring up politics. Sooner or later you should get some idea.

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This reminds me of the joke about the worst thing you can say to a guy…......“Is it in yet?”

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Not gay myself, but I do have a gay brother. So I called him and I asked him how he addressed a similar situation – to which he replied “Oh I just sauntered up to him and said,“Hi, can I fiddle with your butt or do you want me to play catch?”, and when I picked myself up from the floor because I knew he was telling a big fat porky pie, he then told me more or less exactly what Vincent_Lloyd said. He did a little snooping around with his particular interest’s friends, dug up the “saucy details” so he says, and, fortunately for my brother he found out that the guy he was interested in was actually gay. So that worked out for him pretty well because all he had to do was strike up a friendship with him and then ask him out (they’re still going out with each other too – a good few years down the line, too), I’m not sure – and neither is my brother – as to how you would go about getting results if the same thing doesn’t exactly work for you though….
I do hope you get somewhere with this though, so good luck!

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