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How much is a used saxophone worth?

Asked by srmorgan (6773points) October 21st, 2012
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My son has not played the saxophone in close to ten years and does not seem interested in continuing with it.

It is an alto sax and my wife paid a lot of money (not sure how much) for it back in 1999.

What is it worth?

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If you can locate a store that sells musical instruments, then they almost surely will be able to give you an evaluation.

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What brand is it? What condition is it in? I would entern the brand name into Ebay to see what people are paying for them these days.

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What most people don’t understand about the worth of things is they aren’t worth anything until you find someone who wants to buy it, and then it’s worth what ever they want to pay.

An appraisal of value (for insurance purposes) would depend on the age, condition and make.

Unless you are a member of ebay, you can only find out what people are asking for your item, not the actual sold price. Your best bet is to ask a dealer in your area.

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If you look here, you will see they range from $269.00 to more than $1,000. Only a musical instrument specialist can tell you what you have.

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Used instruments sell quickly & well on Ebay. Look up the completed listings to see the price range. This is a good time of year to list this.

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