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How do you feel about Obama winning the 2012 election?

Asked by Qingu (21175points) November 6th, 2012
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Because he did. I saw it on Fox News!

I feel pretty good.

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I feel pretty awesome as well. The only thing bumming me out is all of the Republicans posting ignorant Facebook statuses. But hey, let ‘em bitch, because we won! :)

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In reality (which is not where I live) it is the best choice for the country.

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Relieved and vindicated. You still can’t lie and buy your way into the White House. And as America’s demographics continue to shift, it’s going to get ever more difficult to win the office on a racial appeal.

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Awesome, dude!
I’m gonna be partying tonight!

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Immense relief

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Relief that our “White House” won’t be in Salt Lake City and our president won’t be whoever’s the “living prophet” who is running the LDS church these days. As a former LDS member who knows how that church is run, I’d be really, really nervous if Romney had won.

That being said—I’d much like civility to become a common goal. This election was way too nasty.

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Very relieved. Also immensely annoyed by my Facebook feed currently, particularly one guy who is proclaiming that we’re going to have another civil war and that America will be a communist country in four years. Guess we gotta put up with it; I’d be bitching a bit too if things had turned out differently.

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Very relieved.
and very glad I gave up Facebook a year ago

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Equally exciting, or relieving, is that the creepy, rapey GOP teabaggers Mourdock (IN) and Akin (Missouri) lost.

Democrats mopped up in the Senate, actually. Warren won in MA, Brown won in OH

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Yes, hurray for Warren also.

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Update from my Facebook friend, he is inquiring as to who would like to join him in “rising up to take back our country.” He also wants input on where he should “fire the first shots.” Many exclamation points are involved.

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@Mariah: Sounds like a hell of a friend. Actually, sounds like my cousin.

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Lovin’ it.

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John Stewarts comment earlier this evening:

“You might say that Claire McCaskell (sp?) raped Todd Akin”

Cute. And quite appropos :)

And to answer the Q, I’m much relieved. Now I don’t have to be in nail biting anxiety about future medical bills.

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I wonder where bkcunningham is..

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I feel like now I have a good reason to take a break from my Nutrisystem diet program-! Yey-! I’m thinking lots and lots of beer and chicken wings-! And marshmallows. Big white marshmallows. : )

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@Mama_Cakes In transit to some failed state to escape the evils of gubment, quite likely.

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Happy and relieved beyond words!!!! As already mentioned by someone else, the only downside is the Republican bitching on Facebook, but lucky for me about 99% of my Facebook friends are Obama fans and the 1% bitching is a very small price to pay ;)

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I have something to admit: I think the economy would have recovered under Romney, too.

The macroeconomic factors underpinning the recovery are independent of who’s in office. Housing has recovered, and people have paid off their debts, gotten sick of their old cars and couches and TV’s, and are ready and able to spend again. It’s likely that the next four years will see good job growth no matter who is president.

But a big part of me is glad that Romney won’t get to take credit for it. :)

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So. Fucking. Relieved! Lots of other good stuff happened, too, like those ‘rapey’ guys losing, marriage equality winning, etc. Great day for progressives!

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And marijuana! You can smoke joints in like three states now!

I know what I’m asking for for Christmas when I visit my in-laws in Seattle…

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I don’t want to be that guy who told you so, but….......

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I believe that what Qingu said a few posts up is correct. The president does not have nearly as much of an effect on the economy as people credit him with. No matter what he did, chances are the first four years would see little to no recovery. No matter what he does next, chances are that the economy will improve. Personally, I want the democrats to be able to take credit.

Also, it appears that Nate Silver at fivethirtyeight has predicted at least 49 out of 49 states correctly, and that is only because Florida is still counting.

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Wall Street is thinking of how to patch things up with Obama ( who bailed them out ) after they dropped the President and backed up Romney. Assholes.

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I see Obama won Pennsylvania, even the amish think Romney is behind the times.

ucme (50037points)“Great Answer” (10points)
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I am outrageously happy for the U.S. and the rest of the world!

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@PhiNotPi, I think the Nate Silver thing demonstrates the delusional nature of Republicans (plus political pundits). We had conservatives on here proudly saying that romney would win, they just knew it in their guts, and the “numbers” must be wrong. Well, they were wrong, spectacularly so, and the people who paid attention to the numbers were right—spectacularly so.

I think there is a lesson to be drawn here about conservative economic policy and conservative policy towards science and climate change.

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Breathing much easier this morning. Other than 1 ballot measure, things went the way I had hoped.
It appears that Massachusetts’ “assisted suicide” ballot measure is not going to pass. Really people? :(

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Who cares about Obama, there is legal recreational marijuana to be smoked. Let’s get to work, guys.

To be serious: I’m ecstatic.

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How was it that fucking close? God what a nation of idiots.

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@Adirondackwannabe, simple answer: bad economy.

It would have been even worse for the GOP if the GOP hadn’t obstructed Obama’s jobs bills and the recovery was more robust. Which was probably their thinking when they blocked them.

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I am damn proud to be an Ohioan today!

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I didn’t vote for Barack Obama in 2008, because I detest our 2-party system. So for nearly as long as I’ve been voting, I’ve voted for the Libertarian or an independent candidate as a vote against the big two. My stance on social issues – especially women’s issues and gay rights – are reasons why I could never vote Republican on a federal or state level. I was glad that Obama won, and happy for the progress made by having someone other than a white male running the country.

I felt sorry for President Obama in 2008, because I saw that there was too much unrealistic hype placed on him, and knew that no one could change the country that much in such a short time – especially since the economic crisis is global, not just in the USA. I didn’t foresee then how difficult the Republicans in Congress would make it for him to do anything at all.

In the past four years, he has grown on me. He shows emotions unlike any president I can remember – which some may say is a sign of weakness, but I see it as a sign of sincerity. Having a balance between emotion and reason is something each person should strive for, and he demonstrates it well. He’s also demonstrated personal accountability, which is sorely lacking in our culture. I also am fond of the way his relationship with his wife and children seems genuinely loving. At this point in time, he seems like the politician who has come closest to actually representing what I believe.

I am curious to see what will happen now that he is no longer seeking re-election and has greater support in Congress. I hope that he will take the opportunity to present some real reform – especially in the Election system, finances, and in the Tax codes – that will make the system more fair for individual people, and be less in favor of corporate interests and wealthy shareholders.

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I am glad that Obama won, and particularly glad that he won the popular vote (which, for a while, it looked like he wouldn’t). But I’m sad that the party didn’t win more house and senate seats, and that that might be a real problem. I don’t know enough about your political system to know whether he has the power to cut through the obstruction that will follow. If he does, I can understand not using it in his first term – but I hope he will in the second. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Supreme Court changes.

I am particularly curious to know whether the Republicans will, after another 4 years, admit that after all that bluster and hand-wringing, nothing bad happened at all, and that the country was never on the road to either hell or communism with Obama at the helm.

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I feel depressed and horrified, but relieved to be informed that I’m a racist, a misogynist, a sheep, and a fucking idiot, because I voted for the man I sincerely thought better suited to the job. All these years and I’ve apparently never known who I am.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’m so so sorry. I flagged my answer. I’ve got strong opinions at times. I should be more respectful of opposing views.

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I am not from the US but I am pleased.

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@Qingu I think Rachel Maddow nailed it tonight in talking about the fact-free bubble that so much of the US movement misnamed “conservatism” currently seems so bound up within. I hope this does cause the Republican Party to question the purge of moderates they have been on.

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Excellent video, @ETpro. Just shared it on Facebook.

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