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What is that narrow thin indoor bamboo like plant?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) November 11th, 2012
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There is a popular indoor plant I’ve seen quite a bit of, particularly in California and upscale hotels. It’s narrow, width of pencil, and grows or is cut to maybe 3–4 feet. It grows in straight lines and sort of has the look of green bamboo. Any suggestions?

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Might it be Lucky Bamboo?

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Close @Pied_Pfeffer but I don’t ever see it with leaves (maybe they’re trimmed but I don’t think so) and I think it’s a bit thinner, like a pencil.

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Are you talking about orchids?

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It’s possible it’s just thinned out bamboo. Bamboo is ridiculously low maintenance yet manipulative (make it grow this way, make it grow that way sort of way)

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I think it may be horsetail

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You probably are thinking of horsetail; they make a nice dramatic display.

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Rye grass comes in several sizes, up to Giant Rye Grass that is almost as big as, and looks a lot like, bamboo. You might have seen some smaller species.

But more likely is @pallen123‘s and @syz‘s suggestion of horsetail.

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Have you looked at Fargesia Nitida?

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