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There goes Larry Hagman? How did you feel when you heard?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21744points) November 23rd, 2012
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Besides feeling sad it made me see how time flies, it seems like yesterday when we were all glued to Dallas!

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So… who shot JR?

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Did we finally ever find out?

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He was an integral part of my childhood, and with Dallas took part in the shaping of the image of America, together with many other shows.

My impression of him as a person was always that of a good decent man. I’d like to think he died without regrets, although I think his wife’s illness was very difficult. I like that she comes from a nearby town from where I grew up.

He died loved and surrounded by friends and family. I think that is the best one can hope for, and I only hope there wasn’t too much pain.

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I was surprised, because I thought he was already dead. I watched I Dream of Jeannie as a child, but never watched Dallas.

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I was saddened as he always seemed decent man, with demons he fought, and won.
I used to watch ‘Dallas’ and thought it was very good, and I never really got the hang of Just Who Shot JR?
R.I.P. Larry.

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I dreamed of Jeannie.

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